What the Fruit? A BoF american remake?

Yes you read right, apparently casting is done and they are going to start filming on the 21st of next month and then will officially(im guessing) start showing on the 21st of November. According to my research this won’t be televised but will be shown through online places “We are working as hard as we can to make sure that we get syndication in other countries as well as the USA. But with that being said the series will air through a number of online media outlets including Youtube, BBFseries.com, Roku, Vimeo, DramaFever, Amazon, and we are currently working to secure Netflix and Hulu as well.”  

So before I give my opinion on this whole thing lets’ meet the cast. From what I see there’s no familiar faces, but then again the only american shows I watch are Bones, New Girl, TBBT, 2 Broke Girls and Criminal Minds sooo…yea,lol
Joseph Almani  – Liam Montgomery (Tsukasa Domyouji,Goo Jun Pyo)
Trenton Culkin  – Oliver Young (Rui Hanazawa, Lee Ji Hoo)
Napoleon Tavale –  Chase Carlton (Sojirou Nishikado,So Yi Jung)
Jason S. Mordeno – Noah McCallster (Akira Mimasaka, Song Woo Bin)

Riley Rae Baker- Zoey Taylor(Makino Tsukushi, Geum Jan-di)*this is according to the main site of this drama*

Ok so now on to my thoughts on this matter, when I first read it I was really against it. I kept thinking the Korean version was crappy*won’t get into that right now* and now they’re making an american version and basically kill what’s already been killed. But as I continued my research on it my feelings about the whole thing is changing a bit. I’m not gonna say I’m in love with the idea of it, but i’m curious as to how it will end up. I don’t know any of the actors so i’m not sure what to expect from them. But according to the people of this show ” We are trying to do something different and unique to USA television and bring back a little bit of quality. Although we will try not to use too much sex appeal, we do have to say that our 4 guys are super hot but can act as well. We do not have any sex scenes in out scripts although there are make out sessions that can imply that it happened. So expect a clean show with quite a few abs on display.” So I’m really curious of how they’re gonna play this out and make it clean, since after all the whole charm of asian dramas is the whole anticipation of that first kiss and with jdramas we are lucky if we even get one,lol So it’s itching my curiosity on how it’s gonna turn out. But at the same time I have like this radar thing in my head to not even bother but if this is good and I miss it? Well i’m sorta on limbo if to watch it or not if I do decide to watch it I’ll let you guys know,lol Well…maybe expect a review on ep 1 and then we’ll see.

If you want more info here are my sources
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3


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