Master’s Sun Ep 4: Thoughts

It’s been a while I know but by the time I come back from work I’m too lazy to do anything I just lay in the couch like a bum hoping someone can come and feed me,lol But I’m off today and after doing some errands and relaxing a bit I’m finally gonna watch ep 4, yay!

– omgeee did he become her booty call?,jaja j/k but omg I can’t stop laughing! Even a dog ghost?*my dear neighbors no I have not gone crazy so please don’t call the crazy house just yet*

Master's Sun Episode 4
– Yay I think he finally believes her! either that or he’s thinking she has a multiple personality disorder or something,lol
– Ugh i really don’t know what to do about these two, my shipping is on overdrive right now. He gives her secretary Kim’s number but when he becomes sorry for her he gives her his real one! >< He actually cares for her in his own weird way and I’m totally loving it,lol
– He can’t read her txts cause he can’t read at all…I think my theory may be wrong but I can’t think of why he can’t read the letters. Any theories or spoilers on this subject just in case I’m embarrassing myself with my crazy theory that he doesn’t know how to read,lol
– Just got another crazy theory right now, the security guy is gonna be jong woon’s(?) half-brother!*I give you permission to laugh* if not half-brother I believe they are somehow related, like cousins or something wanting to claim money they feel belong to them. Well at least that’s what the security guy’s dad believes, or maybe somehow he’s the one involved in the kidnapping? ok maybe I should stop with my crazy theories I suck at being a detective,lol
– I love the little smirk secretary kim does, it’s like he realizes or knows something that everyone else doesn’t,lol but I know why so I share his smirk XD
– ewww you could see her saliva when she screamed in the dream,lol and that girl is going cray cray,lol
– His uncle is after his fortune/spot isn’t he?

Master's Sun Episode 4

– omgee did he just call her a dog?,jajaja  sounds kinda mean but omg it’s soo funny XD
– OMG ” she only wants my body” dude do your hear yourself?,lol

Master's Sun Episode 4
– She’s finally gone all crazy, who in the world is gonna think that’s beautiful? it’s freaking creepy >< So is the ghost supposed to be vanity or something? I think this one is more a demon or something,lol
– Ugh he was deep in a conversation and somehow he just feels her presence >< I think he’s the radar and not her,lol

omg!!!! like seriously omg!! I may just end up watching ep 5 today after I’m done with the screen cap and gifs,lol but omgeee!!!

p.s I now understand why he can’t read, poor guy…I love reading and if I couldn’t read it would kill me plus how I would I understand kdramas if I didn’t


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