The Master’s Sun Ep 3:Thoughts

I already watched most of this episode at work and you don’t know how hard it was to keep myself from fangirling especially when he extended his hand it was like omgee!! but let’s rewatch it for the sake of this post.*ugh it’s obviously gonna be very hard to do,lol*
– Omgee it’s the 1st episode and already jealous? or else why be so interested in hearing about how they won’t be able to go home together? Not interested? please! not even his grandma will believe it,lol plus it seems a little convenient how he makes her reclean the stairs so she won’t tag along to the hospital with the security guard,lol or it is just my super wild imagination?

MS 3-1
– Omgee he doesn’t even know how to open his new car? I read it?…hmmm…read it? there’s gotta be something there right? omgee what if he doesn’t know how to read???
– This meeting between the security guy and the actress? doesn’t seem/feel right…as in the sense that I think she’s gonna get in the way of him and tae gong shil cause she’s gonna fall in love with him. Of course that just my…feels on it,lol
– WTF!!! did the girls husband just freaking smiled? wth?!!
– For someone that seems so serious and distant he eventually ends up doing what she wants, so in reality he’s a bit of a pushover when it comes to girls. Or maybe to girls he doesn’t understand,lol cause obviously the women who hang around him are after his money but all she wants is to make the ghosts go away. So that sets her apart from the rest so I guess that’s what intrigues him though he doesn’t want to admit it. And eventually ends up doing what she wants,lol which is really fun to watch for us XD
-Omg yes girl! go receive his male energy,lol
– I knew the guy was a bastard, freaking cheating on his wife and is even happy that she died.

MS 3-2
– Of course they’re gonna think she’s crazy she’s sitting there in the middle of the hall pointing and talking to herself during broad daylight in the middle of a mall. How can someone not think that maybe she’s crazy? And then that’s where he finds her lying on the floor during her “investigation”,lol
– Apart from being a cheating bastard he was also planning to kill her?? In a way he still manages to kill her either way! ugh!!! instead of haunting tae gong shil I would torture him and the other biatch! and the way she died >< omg ugh! i’m mad now…again,lol and he’s after her families money???

MS 3-3
– Hold up!! wth! ugh! why can’t she just be a vengeful spirit and kill him? look at him crying there claiming he loved her and that if she was there watching him she would know? sorry for the spoiler,lol

MS 3-4
– OMGeee!!! he came to her rescue!! >< The make a good tag team,lol taking turns at the bastard.
– omgs i loved the scene when the woman told her husband? that “a beautiful womans breast can be crushed as they age…However, my money will never dry up” and when she mentions breasts he actually looks down at hers,lol I would so love to the BTS of this scene,lol
– ugh i hate those security guys, they think they’re kissing up to her to someway kiss up to the boss ><

Ok so let me get this straight, when she’s drunk they can take over her body? Well I really want to watch ep 4 >< but gotta watch ep 6 of Love Around, gotta learn to master the tripping on the bed technique,lol


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