Quick update

No I haven’t stopped watching dramas but I got myself a new program to do “better” gifs but in order to do so I have to download the drama(raw vids) and then add the subtitles and then save it as one file and and then to the gifs. Am I complicating a process that’s supposed to be easy? If so please let me know,lol But i’m currently in the process of downloading ep 4 of The Master’s Sun and finish converting into one file ep 3 and then i’l looking like crazy for raw/subbed episodes of Love Around but i’m having a really hard time and so far no luck. That’s why I haven’t posted anything. I would torrent them but after my laptop got a trojan it won’t let me torrent anything not even an album or anything it gets a blue screen. So I have to download it the old fashion way and it takes forever because of my crappy internet connection. So I won’t be posting as often as I had in the past unless I give up and just go for the crappy gifs,lol What do you guys think? post more often with crappy gifs or wait till i can make “decent” gifs? Though I may post ep 3 of MS in the next two days.


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