Love Around Ep 5: Thoughts

I think it’s been a while since I saw this drama like a week or almost two,lol but i’m back =)

– I find it a bit funny how before I start watching an episode of a drama I have to open 3 different programs. First I open my gifcam, which I use to makes gifs(duh,lol), then I open my photoscape(for screen caps) and then I open my jasc animation shop(to resize my gifs). Though lately i’m been lagging on the whole screen cap thing cause I got the gif thing,lol
– After 5 episodes I finally get the meaning of the black and white vs the color thing of the intro song, basically saying that after a heartache everything loses its color but when you rediscover love it slowly comes back,lol
– Aww so adorable how he’s fixing everything for her =)
– He’s even getting her commercials, but one thing his dad said is bugging me. After he told his dad that he would be working for her he said he didn’t care if he was trying to get her on his side unless he was working for her to help him take over the station. I think this is a heads up of what’s bound to happen in a future episode once she discovers who his dad is and of course create a misunderstanding between them.

Love Around ep 5
– wait! hold up!! back it up! how in the world did she manage to trip onto the bed and with him along?!! Now that is something I wish to learn. *walking away slowly from my laptop*” Ima head on over to umm…ikea…or bath, bed, and beyond…or somewhere with beds, be right back…”
-*nope no luck, was worth the try though*
the scene was very funny and cute though the falling on the bed scene looked really fake, you could tell he let himself fall after she did and you can notice actually I think it’s pretty safe to say that something like that is highly unlikely to happen.
– It’s so cute how the leads sister is worried over the accountant even her friend noticed how she was watching him eat in pain. Then she even goes to the length of buying medicine for him and of course gets mad when he throws it away but it’s understandable why would you eat,drink something an unknown person gives you. It could be poisoned or something.

LA 5-3
– It’s so cute the way they bicker too, omgee she basically told him that it was her behind him getting hit by the other guy,lol I love how little by little he’s gonna be the one teaching her about life and make her grow up and realize that she can’t continue living the way she does,
– I love his dad comment on her singing” what was she singing? sounded like a duck” lol and the way he was smiling throughout her song omgee i was just melting!! =)
LA 5-2
I messed up on this gif >< and the program I use to edit and resize em wont let me open it cause it keeps crashing =(
LA 5-4
– This is one thing I’ve always disliked when people get in the way of an amazing boy-girl friendship. Though I do ship them together if they are meant to be friends why can’t they just be friends? By making those comments they’re gonna make her over think things and make things awkward. Why can’t they just leave them alone? If it’s meant to be it’s gonna happen but at its due time. Maybe they’re meant to be friends first and lovers later. I really hate when people start commenting about a friendship of the opposite sex it’s just ruins a perfectly good friendship by involving things that maybe are not there. People should just mind their own business sometimes.
– UGH!! see what I mean now she’s analyzing everything he’s doing and saying no thanks to her co-workers.
– haha omgee the look he gave her when she said kiss, he looked at her like a weirdo,lol
– See now she’s starting to see him differently after her coworkers comments and what’s worst is that someone else is noticing how she is around zhou zhen(?). Now the love triangle is starting to form, *sigh* i thought he was gonna start liking the guys sister but I guess not…yet,lol
– Wait are they an online radio station or what? It seems they only work during the day and not during the night…
OMGEEE i can’t wait for ep 6!  She meets his dad! and the bff confesses his love omgee! should i watch ep 6 next or should I start the jdrama or just go to sleep?? ><

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