The Master’s Sun Ep 2: Thoughts

I think I should at least watch a drama for each country, i’m seeing a Taiwanese one, a Korean one so I need a Japanese one so…anyone can recommend a good ongoing jdrama? Well on to ep 2!

– Maybe I should submit this anynomisly through the kdramaconfessions pg on tumblr but visually I don’t think the main leads match. I’m not saying they are ugly or anything cause he’s handsome and I find her to be pretty but…I feel they don’t really match. But of course by the end of the drama I could end up claiming that in fact they are a match made in heaven and have but have to get married,lol*cough cough lee dong wook and kim sun ah cough cough,lol*

MS 2-2

– What I find funny it’s that when she tells him that she wants to sleep with him he actually seems to consider it a bit cause he grabs her head and sorta looks her up and down but decides against it,lol Of course when she talks about sleeping together he thinks sex but in my opinion I think she just wants to sleep with him beside her in the bed cause when she’s with him she can’t see the ghost. So all she wants is a good night’s sleep,lol
– I can bet the second male lead is gonna be the male leads 1st girlfriend younger brother out to seek revenge cause he blames him for the death of his sister.
– I remember why I don’t use viki as much though the quality is awesome it takes forever to load cause of my crappy internet connection but soon that will be fixed,lol
MS 2-3
– omgee he’s pissing of the ghost! >< ehhh! he didn’t do anything! weak!,lol I was expecting the ghost to fling the chair across or something to show he’s there. But I guess it’s not that time yet, he’s gonna believe her once she helps his ex gf crossover.
– OK a few things about…seo in guk? 1) I’m not sure if he’s good-looking or not. 2) He appears handsome but his eyes weird me out a bit. 3) He looks good in a suit, I’ll admit that. 4) He has manly looking hands *wink wink* 5) He has a good jaw line,lol 6) Overall he’s ok it’s just the eyes,lol though sometimes I feel that’s his charm,lol
– Omg his own gf kidnapped him!!! or at least she had some part of it and now her younger bro is out for revenge?( obviously I’m being delusional so don’t mind me unless your thinking the same…if so…come on on and join my rant?,lol)
– Damn I never thought this drama would make me cry, sometimes you really don’t know who you’re friends with. I can’t believe the girl still forgave them, I guess i’m more resentful than her,lol

Master's Sun ep 2– I just love how his assistant/driver or whatever he is seems to be on her side, I guess he’s gonna be our unofficial cupid,lol
– It’s not guilt that’s eating him up according to my theory(that his gf was behind the kidnapping or part of it) it’s the fear of getting betrayed that’s killing him and making him bitter. But now that I think of it the reason he’s getting haunted it’s because it was a misunderstanding. The girl’s dad kidnapped him but things went bad and they took his daughter along so they let her free and let her visit him when he was tied up and that’s why he only remembers her face. Therefore making it seem that she was in it, ok i think I may have gone a bit overboard with my theory. But I think I can safely bet that my theory is like half right or somewhere near what I’m thinking.(Can I change my theory,lol well she did betray him so I was half right,lol but I guess now she’s haunting him cause she feels guilty and wants him to move on. But he doesn’t because he thinks every girl he meets is only after him money and sooner or later is gonna betray him just like she did.)

MS 2-6

– ugh omgee!! I’m like super fangirling right now! He saw when the other guy asked her to walk home together, and then heard the ajhummas talking and then noticed the lack of her realizing he was there and not immediately go to him. So what does he do? He actually goes up to her so she could notice he’s there but of course things go a bit down from there but the smirk from his PA/Driver is awesome! ><

MS 2-6

Anyways it seems this drama has won me over,lol for now… XD

p.s I don’t really proof read my posts so sorry if there’s any spelling/grammar mistakes. 


4 responses to “The Master’s Sun Ep 2: Thoughts

  1. Chingu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How have you been?
    So you started a new drama :3
    Love the new change 😀
    I’m watching Akuryo Byoto j drama its a horror one.It’s good and the episodes are also short 😀

  2. OMG. When I read the Seo In Gul stuff, I couldn’t stop laughing… seriously /dead

    But seriously; like your theory, I reaaalllly reallly want to rant with youa bout my own but I’ve seen too much and might cause a major spoiler in the making so maybe when you progress through the drama we’ll talk theory xD

    Also, great post! Always a pleasure to read ^^ PLUS, Glad you’re liking/enjoying it xD

    • Haha it’s just that later I don’t want to sound contradictory about him. I find him in a way handsome especially his jawline,lol(i must sound crazy XD) but then his eyes…idk they look a bit weird,lol
      Well hopefully i’ll be able to catch up to where you are and we’ll be able to trade theories,lol
      Thanks i’m glad you enjoy reading them =) Yea so far it’s good ^__^

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