The Master’s Sun ep 1: Thoughts

So i’ve been seeing some posts about this drama around on tumblr and I loved the gifs I saw so I decided to watch it,lol so let’s try ep 1

– Ten minutes into the drama and my first impressions are that I love the girl and think the male lead is a jerk(but then again when isn’t the male lead  a jerk?).
– i had read the ghost were really and scary and stuff and that people regretted watching at night, but it’s 10pm right now(i started last night but it was too hot to continue so I went to sleep) and not a single peep has come out of me. But then again I’ve always said it that Koreans are bad at making horror movies so I guess dramas aren’t the exception.

– Oh so the reason he’ s  a jerk is because he’s cursed? sounds like a fusion of fruits basket and the ghost whisperer,lol

MS 1-2– omgee really? girl your full grown and giggling like a school girl? and for a younger guy? tsk tsk tsk…(like I should be talking…)
– anyways i think this is just the korean version of the ghost whisperer, cause she can see ghost and she’s basically helping them crossover by doing their last requests.
– Omgee that girl is full of herself like seriously “go ahead and take pictures, not anyone can” or something like that. ugh obviously those girls are kissing her but and she knows it.

– Judging by the comments those girls are saying they didn’t like our female lead. This can’t be any good.

MS 1-1

– Well this is definitely the asian version of GW but what i don’t like it’s that it’s missing subtitles so the whole part on gooddrama where the male lead talks to the soccer guy is missing so I have no idea what they said.

Overall this appears to be a good drama but it didn’t really call my attention as I thought it would but ima continue watching it either way oh and this scene doesn’t really cause the feeling of romance in me even with the background music. Cause slobbering all over a guy is not romantic or aww worthy,lol

MS 1-3


4 responses to “The Master’s Sun ep 1: Thoughts

  1. Haha, really hope you’re continuing with this drama. There are times where I was disturbed, rolling my eyes and well… spooked but it’s all so so great!

    The chemistry these two have is fabulous xD Great post btw!

    • I think what killed it a bit for me was the lack of subs in some parts of the drama so I wasn’t able to fully…grasp? the whole thing, But it was interesting enough and I think I will keep watching it.
      Well so far i’m enjoying their bickering,lol thanks ^__^

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