Love Around Ep 4: Thoughts

I was gonna wait till I had more time to marathon through 2 episodes but I can’t contain myself so let’s just watch ep 4 for now,lol

– OMG the male lead PA is just as dumb as his sister,lol over dramatic and dumb…bad combo,lol but funny to me XD
– I’m thinking there’s more to it than it appears, at least when it comes to the mysterious calls her coworkers are making. I’m thinking they’re just trying to get mores advertisements through their own personal connections than looking for new jobs. I’m guessing i’ll know by the end of the episode yes i’m watching and writing as I go along,lol
– Is it me or have these two become friends really fast? or it just me that takes forever to make a new friend?,lol
– omgee where can I find me a “friend” like him, i’m a lonely soul in search of a “friend” to take care of me…lol but for reals. If you’re single(male), with no  kids, between the ages of 24-26 and a kdrama lover hit me up! =)

LA 4-1
-omg i find it so cute and awww and omgeee the way she feels bad and sorry when the guy is on the floor hurt. It didn’t give her the satisfaction she though it would and instead feels bad about it. I’m glad I decided to ship these two.
– If you don’t wanna be called a gangster then stop acting like one, finishing her radio station for fun? yet he’s insulted when she calls him a gangster?, instead of trying to prove her otherwise he’s doing exactly the opposite of that. How is he gonna change her mind about him that way?
– I’m not sure how I feel about the second male lead hanging around the female lead, it’s just screaming love triangle and I don’t want that. Why can’t it be a normal love story without the need for love triangle and unrequited loves?
– Seriously the things this guy does for her! it’s obviously not just friendship anymore.

Next episode looks so cute! too bad I only had time to finish seeing this episode. Well can’t wait for ep 5 but already the love triangle is forming ><

gotta remember to make more gifs or take more screen caps…this post looks kinda empty,lol


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