Love Around Ep 3:Thoughts

Ok i have time for one episode today so lets do this ^^

– wait?! what?! you show me George Hu changing in his closet but you don’t show him shirtless? like really? a little fan service would have been nice,lol
George Hu, Love Around,Love Around ep 3
– I love how he gives his secretary or PA orders and he takes it to a whole different level, making her ex dig a hole and stay there,lol poor guy his life must have flashed through his eyes the whole time he was digging. But I don’t see this as a good sign though cause now he knows he comes from a “dark” family which is something she hates. So I don’t see anything good coming from it in the future.
– If I have a hard time remembering Korean names ima have even more trouble remembering Taiwanese names,lol
– Having a singles day out together is in others words saying lets date without officially calling it a date, even the lady from the dating agency thought they were dating,lol
– If he needs more friends *cough cough* i’ll be his friend,lol
– Ugh seriously these two are so freaking cute together! how can I not ship them already this soon?,lol please drama gods don’t disappoint me with a crappy ending or something like that please!
George Hu, Love Around,Love Around ep 3
-Omg when she tells him that she won’t let him take her home and then his cute face when saying why not! omg so cute!!!!*major giggling and fangirling going on right now,brb*
– and then he flashes this smile!!! omgee!! O think I may be pregnant! 😉

George Hu, Love Around,Love Around ep 3

– omgee why?! why is he the second male lead? why? omgee no!, i dont mean it in a bad way but the guy looks adorable already even though i ship him with the guys sister,ottoke!!!.
– You know what no! i won’t be in between the male lead and second male lead, I officially ship the main couple and i officially ship the second male lead with the younger sister of the male lead.

OMGeeee!!! Omg i really wanna see the next episode but I can’t  but omgeee he even goes against his own dad to help her! ❤ oh gosh i’m in love with this guy already.


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