Running Man 20 Day Challenge: Day 20

Day 20: Why do you love running man?
There’s no words do explain why I love running man so i’ll let the following gifs and pic do the talking,lol
(some of the screen caps and gifs are mines but credit to whoever the gifs and pics belong to)

147-4 Kwangsoo Framing funny RM21 ji hyo dancing ace gif 4 ace gif 1 JK 18-28 ji hyo ace gif 3 better maybe ace couple couple 4 133-1 ace-couple-141.jpg acecouple5-1 jk 1 oppa 3 78-1 RM 77 p 6[19-16-26] helicopter 77 cute 1 RM 1


3 responses to “Running Man 20 Day Challenge: Day 20

  1. Hi! i’ve been good! and you?!
    Arigato gozaimasu! chingu! ❤
    Hopefully they don't disappoint but they do look good.
    The one where jong kook helps ji hyo up? It's ep 98 the zombie special one.

  2. How have you been???
    You completed the running man challenge Omedeto :3
    And I’m so excited for the next couple of episodes they all seem fun 😀
    The 9th gif from which ep is it from?

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