Running Man 20 Day Challenge: Day 18

Ok we are down to the last 3 days

Day:18 Moment that makes you happy.

rm 147-1

rm 147-2





Took me a while to make the gif cause I couldn’t remember the episode and then I had to skip through the episode to get to the part,lol Well this would have to be a moment that made me happy, because even though it they were against each other and seeing Haha so scared of the chicken that she got the chicken for him. The look of gratefulness on his face spoke a lot and you could see the close friendship between them. That she basically gave away her chance of winning by giving him the chicken she had caught.


2 responses to “Running Man 20 Day Challenge: Day 18

    • Basically it’s just like a blogging challenge to see if you can actually blog without missing a day, obviously I failed but either way I still tried to finish it, though all late,lol

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