The Queen’s Classroom ep 2:Thoughts

Well onto ep 2 of this drama! ^^

– She’s really angry that her teacher’s pet rebelled ><

The Queen's Classroom ep 2
– Don’t these kids have anything better to do than bully a younger kid? and where the heck are their parents? it’s already night and they’re still there? I hate the fact that things like these do happen and most of the time it goes unnoticed or ignored =(
– Idk just imagining a room full of angry mom gives me the shivers, I wonder what she’s gonna do about the parents.
– Why is she the principal if she’s not even bothering to do her job and sends the vice-principal in and a man nonetheless, they’re gonna eat him alive or something.
– omg is she like brainwashing the parents or something, she’s telling them exactly what they wanna hear and now the  kids are only gonna “suffer” more cause know she knows they’re tattle telling on her and now if the kids say something against her they won’t believe them.
– The only other I have to say about what happened is that the kids are totally screwed…
The Queen's Classroom ep 2

– I think I may just end up going on a killing spree, either that or bully back all the bullies,lol
qc 2-3

qc 2-1

– omg she knows he’s getting bullied but doesn’t do anything? I’m starting to question how good of a teacher she is, because as a teacher she’s supposed to look after the well-being of her students. Maybe she’s trying to teach him that if you need help there’s nothing wrong with asking for it and is waiting for him to go to her but in the mean time he’s getting his butt kicked =(
– But in other words she’s also telling him that sometimes the only way to get out of a trouble is to fight back, that acting weak only makes you a better target. If you fight back they’ll back of because they want someone easy and not someone who is gonna give them trouble. That’s why she tells him to put his life on the line because it’s the only way he can get out of that situation.,
– OMG it’s so hard to watch!! >< but it’s something he has to go through in order to rid himself of those jerks but omg i wana cry! =(
– OMG( i think this is gonna be like my catchphrase for this drama) idk if I hate or love this woman, though her words are harsh there’s always something behind them. And i know what she’s trying to tell him but my poor boy! he’s too young to be told in that way especially after he adores her now for what she thought him. OMG i just wanna get him give him ice cream and take him to Disneyland, knotts berry farm and six flags,lol
– I’m trying so hard not to cry!

QC 2-1

But look at her tiny little smile! can you see it?! it’s like she planned it all out in order for the others to understand dong goo. I really  don’t get how I feel about this teacher. One minute I love her for what’s she teaching them but then I’m super hating her for the way she’s teaching it. This is gonna be one intense love-hate relationship,lol


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