Love Around Ep 2: Thoughts

Ok on to episode 2 ❤

– Wait why are they taking him to the police station? Cause he carried her passed out into a hotel and so it looks weird?
– I just love the relationship so far with her mother, her mom was all ready to scold her but as soon as she told her that her boyfriend cheated on her she gave her comforting words. And then even pretended to punish her in front of her dad so she wouldn’t get scolded by him or anything. Just found it really cute how close they all are.
– Fudge! full-out gangster family,lol I guess dating a guy with that kind of background is a bit intimidating but…didn’t she know from the start? and I can bet that she’ll come back wanting to claim him in the future too.
– OMG a grandma who plays video games?! ❤ I love his grandma too and then he’s like looking after her as if she were a child and telling her she has to rest her eyes every hr! omgee so adorable!!
– omg george hu is so cute! I totally ship myself with him,lol

LA 2-3

– I can totally see where this is going and I approve! I ship his sister with the accountant!,lol
– I was expecting more of a fun kind of karaoke like dok ko jin with his heartbreaker in Best Love,lol
– New thing I learned today instead of tripping and falling run with him first then trip so we’ll both fall and he will put his body first and I’ll fall on top of him! brilliant!,lol
– OMG she said she hated gangsters the most oh poor boy if only she knew and then what low lifes! beat him up when he’s down? oh yes you’re true men now(ugh!)

Well episode 2 was awesome! New ships to ship, new issues to get through such as her I hate thugs and gangsters the most, him accepting that fact that it’s truly over(since his watch broke) and finding out how this love line is gonna evolve ^^


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