Love Around: Ep 1 Thoughts

Let’s try watching a Taiwanese drama for a change of scenery,lol(because i am not watching this for george hu,lol)

– Yes george! I’ll live every second,every minute and every day for the rest of my life with you!,lol She’s not that great either,lol and why do they always make the female lead like unclassy and stuff.  With hair all over the place, wearing jeans and not professional looking?,lol
– omg let me at her! what a major female dog!!! >< omgee!!! poor guy it’s not his fault what his family background is! but you know what! better for him because at least know he will know that during the hard times she wont stand by his side. You’ll find someone one better baby! don’t worry,lol
LA 1-1
– she had to throw the watch?! I see what the meaning is but that’s such a pretty watch! why throw it!? may be getting a bit too excited,lol
– Was it with dramas and baseball, “feeling stressed?mad? upset? sad? then go the batting cages and let it all out!” like seriously is it that fun or what? I’m not really a fan of baseball of any kinds of sport but it doesn’t seem to me like something very fun,lol
– But now that I think of it maybe I should head on over to my local batting cages,lol
– Gotta say i’m halfway into the first episode and i’m already liking this drama.

LA 1-2 LA 1-4
– Ugh what a bastard! There are still girls out there who believe they should save themselves for marriage. Girls who are family oriented, who respect themselves by not giving it away so easily. Girls who still believe on the true meaning of romance, romance doesn’t mean sex! or hot make out sessions. Romance is about giving yourself spiritually and mentally to someone else without all the need of touching each other all over the place all the time. At least in my opinion that’s what romance is about, about all the little things that others would overlook but not that special someone. sorry for the rant =/

Sorry I stopped writing my thoughts just got mad and then got into the drama I forgot,lol Well this drama is really interesting and so far it as caught my attention and hopefully it keeps it.


2 responses to “Love Around: Ep 1 Thoughts

  1. I did not start watching this for George Hu either. 😉 😉 Could he get any hotter? Yes Yes he can. I digress….
    I get the sports idea in most A-dramas. When stressed I run, or play the mp3 head phones on and dance. I feel so relieved. after. Its the same for those who play sports. I also read somewhere that George played baseball growing up in the US.
    I am fully caught up and love it so far.
    I love and believe the same thoughts as you on saving yourself for marriage.
    Sorry rambling. I just enjoyed the whole post.

    • Of course!,lol It’s just the awesome plot that pulled us in*whatever the drama is about?idk,lol* I think he can get hotter,lol
      Well i’m not much of an exercising person,lol but I guess it could be a way of relieving stress for those who do. So far I love what I’ve seen so hopefully I don’t end up disappointed with it when it’s done.
      Yes it’s hard to find others who believe in saving themselves for marriage, nowadays it’s almost always about sex and the notion of romance has been pushed aside. And if you believe in saving yourself you are seen as weird which is really unfortunate.
      It’s ok I kinda went on a rant earlier myself,lol and i’m glad you enjoyed reading my post =)

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