Running Man 20 Day challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Your favorite running man relationship. 

ace 2

ace couple 18

ace couple 19

(cre:spartace couple facebook fanpg for the pics)

My favorite pairing would be the Ace and Commander because even from ep 21 they are able to work together as a team real good. Some times with just one look they are able to exchange information as in the super power special. Where he was trying to figure out if Ji Suk Jin’s power was dangerous or not and with just one nod from her he knew he had nothing to fear. They trust each other to be each others spy such as when he was her spy in the Hong Kong episode and she was his spy on the actors vs singers team. They back each other up even when in different teams and when in the same team he protects her while with the other members they hide behind her for protection.  Basically I feel like they are power couple and together they make an awesome team that’s why pray they would do a repeat of ep 21, they’ve done the yoomes bond one so why not one for the ace and commander?,lol



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