It seems i’m not much in the mood of watching any kind of dramas nowadays, not even I hear Your Voice on tv, shocking i know,lol, or anything at all. I tried watching Nine:Nine times travel and managed to get until episode 2 but I wasn’t really getting into it. So just to let you guys now I think I will be taking a break/hiatus from drama watching. Haven’t really found a drama that has really captured my attention so until that happens there won’t be any reviews/thoughts happening any time soon. I will try getting into writing reviews for the running man episodes, because I don’t wanna stop writing either. Or else I think I may just end up not writing at all anymore, I kind wonder if it’s possible i’m over the whole kdrama and asian drama obsession. Is it possible? Is there a time where you simply just have to take break from it all and basically recharge yourself?

p.s that so ji sub(?) and seo in guk(?) one sounds a bit interesting, actually looks interesting thanks to all the gifs on tumblr. Also the reason why I stopped watching IHYV(spoiled the ending for me and I’m not too happy with the result,lol).


3 responses to “Updates

  1. I am the same, sometimes you just need to take a break!
    I am watching Time slip Dr.Jin now. About a surgeon who accidentily travels back in time and tries to deal with being a doctor with primitive technology. There’s also romance and politics in it.

    Another one that might be interesting is one about a RPG. Don’t know the name but it has RPG in the name (role playing game). I think it’s an original concept..

    • Yup i’m thinking maybe this batch of new dramas just didn’t get my attention so it’s the reason why I feel I have nothing to watch. Though it’s my plan to take a hiatus I never know. Especially since that so ji sub seems to really be getting my attention, but we’ll see. I already saw Dr Jin and I though it was ok though I was kinda confused with the end,lol
      Is it korean?japanese? or taiwanese?

      • It’s Korean.
        I just finished episode 9 so I have no idea about the ending.
        I hope it won’t be as horribile as Bu Bu Jing Xin though…that was just sad and dissapointing..but the drama itself was really good though.
        I hope to finish Dr Jin soon so will let you know what I think of the ending.

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