Running Man 20 Day Challenge: Day 8

ok now on dia ocho.

Day 8: Guest you want to see more appear?

Page1Ok I know the question or challenge says “guest”,lol but…come on let’s be truthful we all have like our own imaginary list of guests we would like to see guest on running man. Heck I’ve even made two post about it and how in fact some them have actually come on the show, ok it was obvious that at one point in time they would guest,lol Well I came down to two choices( it was a hard choice…really!), first I would like to see JYJ. Since their ban or whatever it was has been lifted I think the chances just got somewhat better, plus they’re in the same company as Ji Hyo. They also have a close relationship with each other so I think it would be awesome to watch for the first time guest taking care of ji hyo and treating her for what she is…and that is a girl. Not that they treat her bad but sometimes its a bit weird when they don’t treat her as a girl. My next choice would be Daniel Henney and hopefully during the summer and maybe involving some kind of mission where he would have to take off his shirt or something,(fanning myself)ok maybe taking off his shirt is a bit too much. But I would totally love to see this man on running man just to see him smile. If he does come out I want him in the same team as Ji Hyo,lol why? cause she deserves to be in the same team with this hunk of a man,lol simply as that. My gift to you unni,lol


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