Running Man 20 Day Challenge:Day 2

Technically it’s supposed to be day 3 but ima do it in another post,lol and I didn’t forget but I was so busy with the wedding*not mines!,lol* that I couldn’t do it because I was soo tired*darn heels*,lol but here it is!

DAY 2: Your Least Favourite Member

*I could get killed for this by a lot of people, it will be worst than going as an anti to a Big Bang concert or a SUJU one,lol*

Let me start by saying that I don’t hate gary or dislike him it’s just that sometimes I forget he’s there unless he makes an MC moment. Because I feel that out of that he doesn’t have his own character apart from being in the MC. Ji Hyo has the role of an Ace, Jae Suk has yoomes bond, yooruce willis and yoo hyuk and I think i’m missing one more, Jong Kook is the commander. Kwangsoo is the fool, the funny one and weakest and Ji Suk Jin is the race starter and one of the weakest ones too and haha has the haroro character, though that might change now that he’s a daddy,lol But Gary doesn’t have anything other than being calm…though lately he’s becoming the sudden commander he’s not working that character. It seems*to me* that he feels more comfortable being just the other half of the MC instead of working on a character outside of it. I find gary cool and I think he’s a good rapper but I just wished he would break free from the MC concept and get an amazing character for himself. Heck sometimes I wished he would go for being a full commander and go against Jong Kook since after all he has a black belt right?,lol


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