Running Man 20 Day Challenge!:Day 1

So going through tumblr I came across this challenge but only saw a couple of posts of it here and there but I wasn’t able to find all the days but thanks @poppinglikedaisies I was able to find the original post with the whole list of the challenge. So now on to Day 1!*hopefully i’m able to finish this one,lol*

Day 1: Your favorite Running Man member.

ji hyo
Korean drama Mandate of Heaven ep 20ji hyo dancing
ace gif 4
ace gif 1
I think it’s obvious enough who’s my favorite,lol I just think song ji hyo is awesome. Even though at times she bullies Kwang Soo*like Jong Kook* there are times where you can see looks after him and takes care of him. At times she’s very cool and daring especially like when she did that bungee jump and not once was she scared. I would have never been able to do that and she’s a fast thinker as well not once does she back down even when she fought the MMA fighter. She even said so herself that she wouldn’t go down like a cowardly woman, and she doesn’t act cute or anything and if she does it’s because it comes naturally not forced or as an act like certain other guests,lol *cough cough lee da hee cough cough*,lol Well I’ll stop now or else I’ll end up writing an essay on why she’s my favorite,lol


One response to “Running Man 20 Day Challenge!:Day 1

  1. Totally agree with you 🙂
    She’s my favorite too 😀
    And I certainly do agree with you that she doesn’t act cute at all which is annoying in my eyes like certain guests.

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