Movie Review of the Week #32

I find it funny how I have to go look at all my posts to know what number I am in,lol Well after a month after the last one I’m finally gonna watch a movie. Especially since my blog has been a bit too quiet the last week or two so let’s get on with this…and this week’s movie review is…

New World

Plot:As Korea’s biggest crime organization ‘Goldmoon’ expands its powers, Kang (Min-sik Choi), the head of police investigation planning department, orders the undercover cop Ja-Seoung (Lee Jeong-jae) to participate in project “New World”, that will take down ‘Goldmoon’. Ja-seong must choose either to follow Kang’s orders as a cop or to keep his loyalty with Jeong Cheong (Jeong-min Hwang), the under boss of the ‘Goldmoon’ crime organization.

I usually don’t tend to watch these kinds of mobster/gangster movies in fact I didn’t really know what this movie would be about before watching. I just watched it cause I knew Song Ji Hyo would be in it but what the movie was about I had no idea,lol I didn’t have much expectations when watching it so I can’t really tell you if I was disappointed in it or not. Though it was disappointing on how small ji hyo’s role was since it was because of her that I watched it. Though it was kind of interesting there was times that I also lost interest and i’m guessing it’s because this is more of a guy movie. There is a lot of cussing, a lot of violence and a bit gory you could say, at times, and not something to watch while your eating in certain parts. But I think that’s because I get a bit nauseous when seeing things like blood and stuff,lol It was a bit frustrating to watch as well especially the way the chief would play the male lead like a piece of the chess board. Basically giving him no way out of the gang/mob and forcing him to do things he was against while he got shown a token of loyalty where he less thought it would come from. Overall I think the end was justified and it was a good movie though it was mostly generated towards male viewers or girls that like these types of movies. It’s not something I would recommend like hard-core but it is a movie to watch when you have nothing else to do or watch. My rating for this movie is…3.5/5.

Here’s the trailer and you can watch this movie here


One response to “Movie Review of the Week #32

  1. Oh you watched it already.I haven’t finished watching it.And yeah because of lot of cussing and violence I am surely not a fan of this movie.And I’m really done with the undercovers because of Cruel city and I cannot handle more of them.I seriously felt bored in the middle.
    And SJH role is too small :(.I watched this one for her and she was looking fabulous here

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