Itazura na Kiss:Love in Tokyo Final Thoughts

IK final

Omgee I’m still fangirling over that final episode!,lol Ok so now to my imperfect gifs enjoy! Be warned that I did a lot, I think I went a bit over board making them.

ik 16-3 ik 16-4 ik 16-5 ik 16-6 ik 16-7 ik 16-9 ik 16-10 ik 16-11 ik 16-12

OMG this was another perfect ending to a great drama! It was just awesome, it was cute and it has me fangirling like I haven’t fangirled since mandate of heaven ended,lol I wish there would be a second season cause just one isn’t enough especially with everything else that is supposed to happen. Is there supposed to be specials of this drama? One question though judging by everything i have seen on tumblr it’s safe to say this drama just ended? I guess cause I stopped watching I thought it had ended a while ago but I guess not. Either way this was a great drama and the ending wasn’t overboard like with iswak and it was just right and I would totally recommend this drama to others so if you haven’t watched it then go and watch it right now!,lol


6 responses to “Itazura na Kiss:Love in Tokyo Final Thoughts

  1. Konichiwa chingu :3
    actually the anime version of INK showed their life after marriage too.The anime was I guess about 25 episodes long,they did show everything.Don’t worry chingu as soon as I find some spare time I’m really going to check this verision out atleast for the lovely cast. 😀
    And the backhug *swoons*,I really wish it lasted longer than a few seconds.And I was really waiting for their fated mirror scene too.Too sad they didn’t show that one.And if you watch the preview for this ep they actually showed a mirror cracking and I guess it was when Spartace were there.But in the actual episode they didn’t show the mirror cracking thing too which means in my opinion happened when spartace were there.Anyways I’m excited for the next one.Hope it does not disappoint us.*Cheers*
    Do a running man post too.
    Your e-mail address.Can I have it if you don’t mind?

    • Well like I told you I saw it right after I graduated from high school so that was about…6yrs ago,lol So I don’t remember it much. Well when you watch it let me know what you think of it! ^__^
      It’s he weird he would back hug her,you would think he would just try to hang on to her. But no I guess he wanted to hug her without making it too noticeable,lol But it was the best moment yet ^^
      I actually had a running man post on a draft but I deleted it,lol but maybe i’ll write one soon ^^
      I feel weird putting my email on a post but do you have facebook? you can go to my pgs fb pg and message me there and i’ll it give to you there. Or if you’re on isubs my name there is empresslilo28.
      Have a good night! ❤

  2. Hello!
    Missed me? :p
    I wasn’t able to comment for the past few days since my vacation started and I came to my home country.
    First of all are you having vacations?If so how are you planning to spend them? 😀
    oh and I really wanted to watch the this version of INK but I have this problem that once I’ve seen the story or something I really can’t watch it again no matter how hard I try.Actually I watched the anime version of INK around I guess 2010-2011(don’t remember clearly) and anime follows the original manga storyline exactly.I tried watching the korean version when it was out but dropped it after watching 5 eps.
    few months ago hearing about how good the taiwanese version are I tried to just skim though some of the episodes on youtube but I felt that they modified the story very much,very very much,and even many characters which did not exist in the original manga and anime were present,I was confused and did not like these versions much as opposed to the majority who love the taiwanese versions.And I was not satisfied with Naoki’s actor too.
    According to me INK love in Tokyo had the perfect main cast.I did read some recaps and looked at pics and I love both the actors <3.

    Ok the comment is getting long and long :@ Sorry about that ;-;
    Are you watching running man recently Ep 155 Spartace moments ❤
    The past few eps were good and in the next ep the spartace are in one team 😀 😀 😀 :D.Hope they do get appropriate screentime though.

    Want to be chingus? 🙂

    • Hi!! Yes I did! I missed talking with someone over spartace ❤
      Oh that's cool! you gotta enjoy your vacation while it lasts,lol No i'm not in school, I work =/
      Oh that sucks this version is actually good and in my opinion way better than the Korean version so maybe you should give it a try. I think they modified it a lot because they were trying to get into what the characters were feeling and go more in depth. That’s why I love the Taiwanese one because they showed that even after the marriage it wasn’t all so happy and rose colored and they like other couples would have troubles as well of course that’s how I saw it,lol
      For the Japanese cast I gotta say I love them too they did an amazing job and everything till the ending was great.
      It’s ok my comment is also long,lol OMG! I did! I was going crazy with the back hug! ❤ It sucks that they cut the part where they went and tried to see if they were fated. Omg what if he hugged her like he hugged Haha and we didn’t get to see it?! I guess the pd’s thought they showed us enough moments for an episode. Can’t wait till ep 156!
      Sure ^^

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