Itazura na Kiss:Love in Tokyo ep 14,15& 16?: Thoughts

omg ep 14!!

– One of my favorite moments is coming up ^^ I love when they both join each other to try to ruin the date between naoki and the girl,lol

Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo Episode 14– It’s funny how they’re trying to cheer each other up about the other girl but in my honest opinion I don’t think she’s that pretty or maybe cause I tend to dislike those kind of girls that act like the wouldn’t hurt a fly and instead be concerned if it’s ok or something,lol
– omgee! “i’m not good at nothing special,I’m just good at sewing, cooking and crafting”*note i’m saying this in a annoying mimicking voice,lol* omgee! Seriously!,lol
– I love how the mom is trying to sabotage the whole meeting arrangement,lol
– Poor naoki I’m really feeling for him right now even though he was a jerk to her, he finally realized what he wanted and just when he was gonna try going for it. His dad collapses, he takes over the company and now he’s basically becoming trapped in a love less marriage it must be a lot to handle especially for a guy that only seems to let out his frustrations and fears with not just anyone except kotoko.

Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo Episode 14– I don’t think I have seen this scene before on the korean and tawainese one but I can tell that this is gonna hurt and I can’t even eat ice cream cause my throat hurts >< He(naoki) obviously knows kotoko is there so his words I think are mostly gonna be directed at her =(
– ugh omg i want to cry! damn you drama! making me feel things and stuff =( even yuki knows that it doesnt’ feel right that it’s not right.

cat– I was feeling all sad when I saw the cat walking behind her and started to laugh cause it kinda looks like my cat but much older,lol anyways sorry for the side comment XD

Well onto ep 15! well at least what i’ll be able to watch in the next…6 minutes before A hundred year inheritance starts,lol

– I hate this part of  the dramas as well because even though I know she’s dating kin-chan to try to forget naoki she’s giving him false hope into thinking he has a chance. And she’s not giving him that chance in the way he wants to, she’s going out with him to forget and get her mind clear but he’s going out with her in hopes she would see him differently and more as a man. In then end kin-chan is gonna be the one who ends up hurt the most because his expectations are getting too big and it’s gonna hurt when he realizes it.
– I think I should really read the manga or rewatch the anime? Cause if i’m correct in the taiwanese version he would start to imagine her when he was discussing their wedding plans with the chairman’s granddaughter. But he’s imagining from early on? ohh will there be more?,lol I gotta say I loved the way he smiled when imagining kotoko asleep,lol
ik 15-1
-Omgee someone is burning with jealousy at the fact that someone is also having dates with someone else >< but at least she’s standing up to him and telling him that he should mind his own business. You tell him girl! make him go green with envy and jealousy,lol and when trying to end with the final say he implies that he’s gonna go on another date the next day,lol who the hell dates every single day? ><

Itazura na Kiss:Love in Tokyo ep 15

omg but just look at his face! and he says he doesn’t care?,lol yea right

– Ugh poor kotoko! you just had to rub in her face all her flaws by bringing the other chick didn’t you. It wasn’t enough that you let her know your dating the other girl but out of jealousy,cause yes I believe it was out of jealousy, that he is bringing her home. It’s low naoki really low especially when all you’ve done is break her heart in different ways.

– OMG just say the freaking truth you just can’t believe that naoki’s mom prefers kotoko over your grand daughter*who you thinks is perfect*. You don’t think she’s cute even naoki realizes that you’re thinking  “she prefers this child over my grand daughter? doesn’t look like she is anything special.”

ik 15-2

OMGEEEEEE!!!!! but super omgee!! I don’t care if i’m sick i’m gonna get me some ice cream for ep 16 and then on to ep 16!!

– It’s bad idea kotoko! you don’t marry someone to forget someone else! you make yourself and the person that loves you miserable. It’s not gonna be a good and happy marriage in the end, maybe in the surface but deep inside resentment can start appearing.

Itazura na Kiss:Love in Tokyo ep 16– See naoki even the other chick knows how you feel, especially with those mean words of jealousy you just said. Why would I want a guy that acts like a robot and the perfect boyfriend with me but shows raw emotions and anger towards some other girl? Basically showing his true self to her but not me who is supposed to be his future wife. Well at least that is the way I see it.

ik 16-2

–  Any more straight forward? just telling him straight out “guess what kin-chan proposed to kotoko and she’s gonna give him an answer tonight” why don’t they just tell him at what time as well so maybe he could go and watch,lol

– I know it’s a drama but…omg it’s not like naoki and kin-chan are the only two single men left in the world! Don’t know what to do? You move out with your dad, you change schools cause out of sight, out of mind and you make it your goal to move on! It seems simple even though  it’s not, but if you’re not putting any real effort to forget about someone then it’s mostly your fault you’re in that state.

– OMGEEE!!! I will express myself with this gif…

ji hyo dancing

– sorry i’m not commenting much but i’m going crazy making gifs,lol just wait for my final review to see em,lol

– But omgee!!! I gotta say I wasn’t disappointed!! this was by far a better scene and kiss than Playful/Mischievous Kiss, as much as I love KHJ he got nothing in the way of acting as this guy XD I’m not being fair I know but you gotta admit this was a better kiss,lol

Edit this is how I feel,lol

ik 16-8

– I know a wedding is coming up I’ve seen the pics on tumbler so don’t expect much comments about it right now,lol

– Is it me or does he look really sexy with his hair all wet and stuff,lol

ik 16-2

OMGeeee i’m so glad I decided to watch and finish this drama! Expect my final review really soon like maybe in 30 minutes?,lol


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