30 Day Asian Drama Challenge:Day 20-25

I totally forgot about this >< either way ima try to catch up,lol

Day 20: Your favorite Drama OST (Instrumental)? 
As a whole or one? I wish these questions would be more specific,lol But as a whole then I would say Scent of A Woman’s OST and individually then I would say Cinderella’s Sisters It had to Be You by Yesung I still get chills now every time I hear it,lol

Day 21: Your least favorite Asian drama actress? 

I would have to say Shin Se Kyung because she feels like a robot every time I watch her. She really does not know how to display emotions well apart from knowing how to open her eyes really wide in surprise. So far in the two dramas I’ve seen her in the only time she made a different face was when she was surprised,lol So till this day and until she proves otherwise she is my least favorite actress.

Day 22: Your least favorite Asian drama actor? 

can’t really think of one at the moment,lol

Day 23: A drama you looked forward to but disappointed you in the end?

Coffee House, because in my mind after watching all the kdramas I had watched back then the leads would end up together so I assumed they would end up together but no it gave the twist of him ending up with the second female lead. At that time I was so against it because it didn’t follow the usual kdrama “rules” thinking back now or maybe If I had seen it now then maybe my views would be different. So in the end this was one drama that I had look forward to but end up disappointed.

Day 24: Drama with the best ending in your opinion?

I would have to say Arang and the Magistrate, the ending with them as kids was sooo freaking cute, the shaman and the other guy together was cute and then the other guy turned into a reaper in order to always look after arang was cute too. It all seem to end good without feeling like something was missing it had the perfect ending from all the dramas I’ve seen so far, well in my opinion,lol

Day 25: Drama with the worst ending in your opinion?

I’m only gonna post the pic of it cause if you’ve read some other posts you know how I feel about this drama.

Well there it is days 20 to 25,lol I’ll try to do the last 5 soon.


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