Itazura Na Kiss:Love in Tokyo ep 12 Thoughts

On to ep 12!!

– She’s barely gonna be 20 and she’s already thinking of marriage? I’m barely 24 and the idea of marriage has only  recently started to cross my mind but not even close to her extent,lol
– If they weren’t so younger and maybe another 7 or 8 yrs older and I were her I would seriously consider marrying kin-chan, he loves her, treats her well, cooks for her and unlike her he has realistic thoughts on his unrequited love. So I would think he would respect her and always treat her well and from what you can see from his character in the drama he would make a good husband. So if I were her I would really start considering him as more than a friend.

IK 12-1

– His dreams are exactly like hers its upsetting though that whatever she imagines it’s with irie-kun, while he looks at her desperately wanting to be the guy who’s she imagining that future with. What’s worst that when he seems to get the courage to say a subtle hint about his feeling she just tells him to stop joking around.
– That’s the one thing I’ve always disliked about all the different versions that not one of the female leads thinks at least a little about the second male lead. They put their feelings above all else not realizing, or not wanting to, that someone loves them like how they love someone else. That they are hurting even more at their rejection because the cause of that rejection is someone else. I always tend to really analyze this drama because it touches a lot of soft spot on me,lol
– It’s funny how his dad tells him to really tell him what he plans for his future and yet before he even has the chance to responds he tells him the outline of what he expects of him. So what’ the point in wanting to know what he want’s when he already has everything planned out for him?

Itazura Na Kiss:Love in Tokyo ep 12

On to ep 13! sorry  for the lack of comments on ep 12,lol

– I hate misunderstandings I really do the dad should have started with the fact that he was ill and at least say that until at least the other younger brother was old that he wished for at least some time for him to take over or something like that. But the way he said it seems like basically the decision already had been made and he was just being informed on what was expected of him.
– Poor naoki it seems like fate is against him or something =(
– Ugh omg he’s eating her food ><
Itazura Na Kiss:Love In Tokyo ep 13– Ugh the way he looks at her, even after eating her food,lol
ik 12-1
– She should calm down her imagination, I can bet he realizes why she’s like that and it looks like it doesn’t bother him much either,lol but she should still take the newly wed daydream down a notch as to not get embarrassed or humiliated later on.
– ugh what the fudge! they are calling naoki rude because he wont let them do business talk in a hospital? really? don’t they know he can’t get stressed and here they come wanting to talk about investing when he’s obviously lying there sick? omgee wth! I would have sent them back right where they came from and tell them i don’t need investors who only care about money.

Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo Episode 13– It seems like such a simple phrase but in those three words there so much in between especially when he just told her that he wouldn’t do something like that(kiss) with her. And when she asks if she wouldn’t kiss her then who would he kiss and he tells her he has kissed kotoko goes to show her that their relationship is not quite what it seems or he what he claims.

ik 13-1

– Obviously he knows she’s there I wonder if he secretly was trying to tell her that he has kissed her again but then again I’m sure that he would know she wouldn’t have been able to understand what he trying to say. Though I’m pretty sure matsumoto understood clearly that he has some sort of feeling towards Kotoko.

–  Idk why but I just find it sweet that he seems to go to her with his worries and decision-making ideas. It’s like she were his rock or something that he feels he needs of  her approval or something before making a choice. Or her comfort in knowing he’s doing the right thing or maybe cause she just hears him out and seems to understand what he’s going through.

ik 13-2

Why didn’t they just end with this sweet moment? why do they have to go ahead with the idea of the arranged marriage >< Well onto ep 14!…or not,lol


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