Itazura Na Kiss:Love in Tokyo ep 10& 11:Thoughts

Ok I have the weekend off and in honor of my birthday I’m going to finish(try) this drama ^^ oh and I have announcement well not really one but…I started I hear your voice on Wednesday in the tv!! and omg I love it though it ended around 10:30 in the night and I had to wake up early the next day I gotta say I regret nothing! and can’t wait for next week! I just hope I don’t get another closing shift because this week I wasn’t able to see JOJ so idk what happened!! =[ anyways on to ep 10!!
p.s I recently got a gif making program…so…expect a lot of crappy gifs,lol. You’ve been warned,lol

-I thought it was supposed to be appendicitis? o_O

-ugh I hate the hiding meaning behind this, poor kin-chan =(

IK 10-1
– Sorry if I’m comparing but…i love this scene more on ISWAK cause there he was the one who took her in his arms and said thanks but all he did in this one was basically pulled her against him by grabbing her from the forehead. In my opinion not one bit romantic,lol

– Again sorry for the comparison but in ISWAK he hugged her first to comfort her but in INK she turned to hug him for comfort, Idk but it’s like in the other one he knew what she needed but in this one he’s a bit cold to what her needs would be at that moment. She may not have been crying her eyes out but in that kind of situation anyone would need a hug especially someone who’s happy-go-lucky like her.

IK 10-2
– I could like a guy all I want but I would never just sleep like that…i think,lol I would just grab him and rip his clothes off,lol but then maybe that would be considered rape?,lol
– I could see where irie-kun is coming from, his mom is basically trying to run his whole life to a schedule she has set for him so of course he wants to break out of that. In wanting to go away he may have done the mistake of not letting them know where lives or his number. Which could have costed his younger brothers life but at the moment he made that decision thinking he was making the right one so I don’t really blame him for wanting to basically run away.
-Now that I think of it he kinda told her he would do something to her but since it’s something his mother wants he’s basically holding back,lol
– OMG was that the original kotoko?,lol then are we gonna get to see the original irie-kun??,lol

IK 10-3

– I just got the troll of a lifetime with this,lol I actually thought it was for real since a kiss is supposed to happen in this episode. ugh i’m so dumb,lol But this is a bit more like it though I think I prefer the rooftop kiss…

ik 10-2

-Who’s with me that the rooftop kiss is wayy better?,lol come on…don’t be shy,lol

ik 10-4

Awesome way to end the episode on to ep 11!
My plans were to finish this drama during the weekend but…my computer caught a virus/trojan so I’ve been trying to get it out. But then my computer started to mess up, I went for lunch to celebrate my bday(im officially 24!yay!…or nay?,lol) then headed towards my little cuzns bday party(july is full of my families bday’s) and then today I struggled again to even finish ep 10 but it seems to be working fine now so on to ep 11. Just didn’t want you guys to think I was dead or something,lol

– Ugh that sucks that both her friends have bf’s for Christmas and she has nothing not even a something is better than nothing,lol
– Poor kin-chan doesn’t he realize he’s getting in the middle of a war zone trying to get included in their Christmas party. Their anti-men right now cause of their boyfriends, it shouldn’t be a place where he wants to be right now,lol

ik 11-1

obvious ad placement or what?,lol

– Doesn’t seem like she has a lot of effect on him but it’s very cute and funny how one small comment from her gets him to make a decision that will impact the rest of his life
– Omg she should stop and think that if it was a robber why would he be trying to unlock with keys the front door, usually they’ll just bust a window and get it. But of course a girl alone in a house and was told earlier about robbers in the neighborhood would obviously have a high level of paranoia. I think without even being told about the robbers she would have reached that conclusion I know I would have, when I used to live alone I would put a chair on the door,lol

ik 11-2

– Girl a racket is not gonna do anything go get yourself a wooden/metal bat or a golf club,lol

– It hurts to see this and idk why >< girls can very dumb sometimes especially when it involves the guy we like. It’s like our brain goes on a vacation and leaves us at the most important time.


– Oh come on irie-kun! for someone so smart can’t you come up with something better? No one is gonna believe that! you should have said that you all got a cake as a present at your work and its believable cause it’s a cafe.


Ugh poor kin-chan it kills me to see him that way >< but this moment between them should have been a bit sweeter. I hate the preview I feel this drama is playing push and pull with me, just when I think things are gonna work out something happens…oh well now onto ep 2 of dating agency:cyrano,lol


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