GIF Challenge # 3! Because anything you can do I can do better

Superhero Gif Challenge

So. I heard you want to be a hero? Well, well… then show me your special ability! Gif Nr. 68! Now!


minion in love


I’m good at imagining? or I easily fall in love?,lol

…. Okay, now I am really impressed. You might actually qualify to join my superhero forces. But you have a sidekick, right? Every self-respecting hero has a sidekick. Gif Nr. 112, if you please.




can’t I have nick instead?,lol

Wow, that’s one hell of a sidekick you have got there… But every hero also has a mortal enemy. So: Show me what we are going to deal with. Give me Gif Nr. 13!




Booth? i’m screwed then,lol

Looks devious. Now tell me, what is the dramatic event that made you enemies? Gif Nr. 56 is the answer.


ji hyo


ji hyo?,lol well if helen of troy started a war between two countries then I guess…lol

Hm. I understand. Now, it’s time to suit up. Show me your superhero equipment! Gif Nr. 99!


scully-mulder kiss(they’re supposed to be kissing and then she punches him)


kisses? or my punch?,lol

Whoa, you suited up just in time! Your enemy attacks! Quick, how does your first encounter after all this time look like?! Gif Nr. 61!



passionate? well deep inside i always had a thing for him,lol

Ouch, that was intense! Go and treat your wounds, hero. You fought well. Gif Nr. 125


angry sheldon


*technically this is # 10 but since i only have 115 gives i went in full circle,lol)

Oh great, now your crush appeared and makes things complicated. Show us your crush. Come on, don’t be shy. Gif Nr. 91 is a Picture of said crush.



barney or robin?,lol…or the turtle?,jajaja

Ugh, can we never catch a break? No time to relax! Get out of your bed! Choose a gif of someone/something getting surprised!



The final showdown is about to go down. You realize that if you fail, we all are going to die, right? RIGHT?! Gif Nr. 1

abducted 1

Your crush is here to wish you good luck… quick, give him/her a kiss – who knows if you’ll ever see each other again. Gif of people kissing

shamy 3


Where do you approach the enemy? You have got to choose your battlefield! Gif Nr. 77 is the place to fight the final battle!

new girl 2

at nick and Jessie’s apt?

Okay, your mortal enemy pulls out the big guns… show us his final attempt to finish you! Gif Nr. 200!




*technically #85

Holy CRAP! That was close… but wait… your sidekick sacrificed himself/herself to save you! Gif Nr. 148




Now it’s time to kick HIS ASS! Show me YOUR finishing move! Show me how you save the day! Gif Nr. 2!



question him to death?,lol or eat pie in front of him and not share,lol

The battle was intense… your enemy is lying on the ground… do you kill him/her? Or do you want revenge? Gif Nr. 38!


But wait! You crush suddenly appears and begs you not to kill him/her! How do you react? Gif Nr. 66…


kwangsoo 2

i brush him off?,lol

Sigh… well you have to listen to your heart, right? And now your enemy disappeared. Again. But you’ve got your crush, right? Happy end time? Gif Nr. 172.



The end………. Or not? Gif Nr. 19!


better maybe


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