Mandate of Heaven Final Thoughts

Korean drama Mandate of Heaven ep 20

Well it’s finally over and idk what to do next(of course I do,lol) this was such a good drama for me and the political struggle was intense and omg I just loved to hate the queen.

Good things about this drama:

– The fighting scenes in this drama were awesome and just the way I like em without too much over the top fighting except now and then but I was able to forgive them for it.
– The romance between the second leads was awesome as well! Even I fell in love a bit with Red Demon but since he’s obviously a fictional character from another era and another country it wasn’t even remotely possible.
– Rang and the Grand Prince were cute as a basket of kittens and puppies and chocolates(don’t judge me,lol). I even started to ship them a little ❤
– The story line in my opinion was great though at moments it felt a bit repetitive and in the end it obviously was very rushed especially in the last episode.

– The very subtle bromance between red demon and choe won, yes i know CW and the prince had one but I prefer this one, the way they’re like where’s hyeongnim and you’ve come brother-in-law is just so cute. Even from before Choe Won already knew Red Demon had something for his sister that’s why he didn’t worry about her cause he knew she was well protected.

Things I am unhappy about:

– Did they really have to make my grand prince that way(yes mine,lol)? why? are you that happy you made him crazy? ><
– Kim Chi Yeong(the right state councilor) should have died a more torturous death a simple sword to the abdomen doesn’t cut it for me,lol
– The king should have made her drink the poison but since it wasn’t in the history books he lets her live but oh king how you’re gonna regret that decision in the after life.
– Why did So Baek have to lost her memory?why? Was that the only solution so that everyone would end up happy? Taking away from her the memory of her first love? really? and then you So Baek how can you not feel nothing when seeing the man you claimed to love? that part upset me a bit especially cause she just looked like a robot there just standing expressionless and stuff.
– The dull romance of Da In and Choe Won, yes I admit there were times where I fangirled over their moments but I never did at the level of Red Demon and CW’s sister. I’m not sure about you guys but when I ship the second leads more than the main leads it tells me there is something slightly wrong. Maybe cause both of them had very plain/blank expressions? Idk but these couple was screaming out the lack of chemistry. Because I have to say that the problem did lie in the lack of chemistry i’m pretty sure that if they had a good chemistry this drama would have been even more amazing.

Korean Drama Mandate of Heaven ep 20

Final Thought:

I still regret nothing though I love this drama as it is regardless of it’s flaws cause it obviously did, but i’m not gonna get into that. I can safely say this will be one of my favorite dramas for 2013 as well. I was also surprised with Seulong’s acting I gotta say it was way better than I had expected because I was a bit wary of the fact he was an idol but he proved himself to be an actor in the making. Overall it was a great drama regardless of the all the cheesiness in the end but that could be just me,lol

Favorite Moments(because I have to include them,lol):





6 responses to “Mandate of Heaven Final Thoughts

  1. Ep 151 was a bit dull.I was bored too honestly but compared to previous 2-3 episodes it was better.I’m hating it that there are less and less interactions between our spartace and mostly the scenes are cut too.Ep 152 was funny though.I’m missing Spartace moments like crazy!I’ve seen pictures on the spartace forum and people have been ranting that their moments were cut most of the time and there was this main focus on MC and Yoo Eun Hye was mention (*sighs*again).No offense to anyone but YEH is not one of my favorites and they should stop mentioning her on RM.It also does not have a good impact on her too.
    It’s not like I do not like Monday Couple,I like them too esp their moments in the ep actors vs singers were hilarious but for the real thing I prefer Spartace.Sometimes I wish that their relationship to be real and that they’ll announce their relationship soon!It will be a very happy day for me 🙂
    Sorry for so much ranting I’m a hardcore fan of these two

    • I thought ep 150 was way better than ep 151 especially when the mma fighter kept calling jae suk oppa,lol But you’re right there have been less and less moments and I think the pd’s wanna torture us. I really hate/dislike that they keep bringing up the YEH/KJK love line because it’s so old and it won’t let KJK have other love lines. Because he’s tired(i’m guessing) that wherever he or she goes it gets brought up. So they can’t really move on because their shippers won’t let them. Monday Couple was sweet and I did like em but when it started to become/feel forced that’s when I preferred Spartace more. But if they end up together in real life then they are gonna need all the luck and protection in the world. And it’s not gonna be an easy relationship especially for her cause it’s usually the girl that takes the biggest hit.

      • But I think that in real life it would be hard for them to be in a real relationship but I think they do have so many supporters and their individual supporters and fans will at last accept it too if this happens in real life by any chance.Because if we look at it this way people will accept that they know each other for a long time and rather than accepting other people for them.
        Anyway it’s their private life :-).
        Sorry I got lost in my delusions too much :p
        Well whatever,I just love them together real or not because they are really so compatible.
        I’ve heard over the forum that RM PD is following spartace twitter? o_O
        And yeah in some of the latest episodes MC do looks forced ;_;
        And please RM PDs stop letting anyone mention YEH please please!
        She herself is not happy with this too

        • I think they will have supporters such as us Spartace fans and some true KJK fans(fans who believe if he’s happy then that’s all that matters) and maybe others who believe that whatever they do it’s their own personal lives. But I know for sure if it ever happens there will a huge outcry by MC fans. So if they do ever date and come out with their relationship is because they are taking it to the next level and are prepared for the consequences. Of course the chances of this ever happening could be small but it’s just part of my delusion,lol
          its ok as a spartace fan wanting for them to get together is part of shipping,lol I think he does follow it i’m pretty sure I read that on the forum too. So i’m guessing the pd’s know of us but I just don’t get why don’t they at least show us some moments now and then. But this time it was Gary that brought it up and i’m not even sure why ><
          I'm guessing she wouldn't be happy cause because of it she's not able to comfortably go on running man because she know's they will tease both of them endlessly.

  2. WoW now that your over with this one,what are you planning to watch next.Actually I did not watch MoH sill I’m disappointed with the dull romance with the main leads.
    Anyway are you watching Running Man.I was seriously disappointed with running man for the past couple of some episodes.But ep 151 and 152 are fun!and 153 looks just good
    You know I’m so happy to see you as a spartace fan.I’m also their shipper!and was being so frustrated with their less moments together and being in different teams for so many episodes

    • Well i’m gonna try to finish Itazura na Kiss:Love In Tokyo next since i’m almost done with that one, 3 more episodes I think. I think ima drop Dating Agency Cyrano for now and wait till it’s done(if it’s not done,lol) and In Time With You. Instead ima start Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire and i’m seriously thinking Sword and Flower though i’m not so convinced on the male lead. I think that maybe they had a dull romance was because both character had very quiet and calm personalities so it was a calm romance. Unlike the second leads who were the opposite of the lead so i’m guessing maybe that was a factor on it. You should try watching it I found it to be very good,lol
      I have and waiting like crazy for ep 153 I kept checking my phone at work to see if any pics have been posted on the spartace fb pg even though it just aired,lol Ep 152 was good but I found ep 151 a bit boring i’m not sure why I think it just depends on the guests.
      I’m always to meet a fellow spartace shipper! ❤ and yes they have been lacking moments lately but 153 looks promising so hopefully it won't disappoint,lol

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