Mandate of Heaven ep 19/20 Thoughts

Ok so here we are down to the last two episodes where anything could happen but hopefully good things,lol

– OMG I just love how they made the bad guys confess themselves that they are planning to do an uprising, giving them a reason to arrest them and try(?) them for treason. Ugh i’m forgetting how to spell,lol
– Why Da In why? why do you wanna leave him? What good would it do to you and him? Girl listen to me and repent!,lol
– It must be hard to the crown prince…oops I mean king,lol cause now he has to choose if to let live the queen dowager(cause the king died, is it dowager?) and his brother or have them killed. I’m pretty sure if he knew what the future holds he would kill her but manage to save his brother somehow.
– Da In is a fool for leaving but Choe Won is a bigger fool for letting her go so easily. She loves his daughter like her own and she has  been there for him when he was at his worst in life. He looked over the fact that because of her adoptive father his dad was killed and leaves because of guilt? guilt that’s not hers to have? This is like worst for him because of her adoptive dad his dad die and he can’t be with the woman he loves. Seriously…maybe they don’t love each other enough if this is gonna break them up.
Korean Drama Mandate of Heaven ep 19

– Today’s lesson kdrama viewing: for your own safety do not eat or drink while watching a korean drama, chances of choking and dying are very high,lol
– Omg “how can you think of taking a slave’s body?” and the look on his face like saying me?!,lol and what’s worst is that I can’t safely bet that he doesn’t even know why she’s upset now,lol poor dude.
– Ugh I would have killed the other two and stripped the queen and the grand prince of their titles and made them commoners and send them into exile. It would punish the queen and would have let live the grand prince, who i’m sure would have understood. As a king he’s a bit of fool hasn’t he watched the x-files? trust no one!!

– Ugh why you guys why?! why can’t there be peace and love!! I need me some ice cream or chocolate =(
– Omg poor oppa! I knew eventually they would use her as a bait, she obviously became his only weakness and now they are gonna squeeze it dry. OMG!! what if they kill him or something omgeee!!!!

OMG!!! on to ep 20!!!*can you tell i’m a bit excited by it?,lol*

– At least that old ugly evil guy is gonna die, take that queen dowager! but omg my red demon! what if he dies? they killed the body guard in king 2 hearts so i’m pretty sure they won’t touch their cold hearted hearts to save him =(

– Ugh this episode is starting so sad, seriously man who has some chocolate they could give me? cause I need it badly.


– Ugh such a bitter-sweet moment! I’m in the middle of wanting to cry and wanting to fangirl like crazy,lol
– That’s my grand prince! he’s so smart! he’ll grow to be a fine king one day! I just hope he doesn’t let him mom play on his emotions anymore. He quickly realized what those candles were for I just wished he had gone straight to his brother than confront his mother, he should know by now that anything he says to her just falls on deaf ears.
– OMG that poor poor kid he’s so scared of his mom that even the thought of meeting death is nothing to him. It just breaks my heart the situation he’s in, if the king was wise he would do as he asks banish him to live on him own and he should later sentence to poisoning the mom. For being an unfit mother to him and to her own biological son.
– 2 more parts left and I don’t see how this is gonna end any time soon, this drama is asking for more episodes! Ugh why did you have low ratings in Korea? why? I blame Lee Seung Gi and Suzy! cause A Man In Love is boring so that wouldn’t be it,lol

omg the ending is so freaking cheesy! and yet here I am smiling liking at idiot going aww and omg at every turn,lol I can’t believe it’s over!! =(


6 responses to “Mandate of Heaven ep 19/20 Thoughts

  1. I’m glad I made you laugh sometimes I wonder if I should continue writing these posts cause they sound kinda random and crazy,lol It didn’t? well I should have made some research before blaming them,lol But now I wonder what happened since in my opinion it was a great drama. Maybe it was that or like some articles said that viewers found it hard to see ji hyo outside of her RM image so maybe that kinda killed the effect of the drama? Idk it confuses me,lol It’s mine too ❤

    • lol, yeah, it didn’t. But you can still blame GFB for having a sucky ending. Haha. I thought it deserved much better rating (at least higher than When A Man Loves) since it’s a solid one. I’m also mad that KBS didn’t release the license to any of the legal streaming sites. It kills the hype outside SK as well. I don’t really think it’s JiHyo’s fault though (not that she did anything wrong, since I didn’t find anything wrong with her acting here, only that her character kinda loose the sass that she has at the beginning). But I also think that maybe because the story didn’t get angsty enough? Most dramas would drag the conflicts for a couple of episode, but we keep getting payoffs at the end of each episode so some moments come rather anti-climatic, plus after Rang is saved and cured, it does lose another plot to keep the tension at that same level in the beginning. I think the drama would be more thrilling if Won still have to race against the time to clear his name AND to cure Rang. But honestly, I liked that we keep getting payoffs at the end, and I was glad that Rang is cured, because I don’t how my heart would take it if I have to watch her condition getting worse in the end.
      Btw, I’m still fangirling over that kiss, and I’m so happy for the cheessy ending. Hahaha. Esp since Jung Hwan got ordered around by Won to copy those books.. 😀

      • Well i need someone to blame so i guess i’ll blame GFB,lol But it does suck it wasn’t licensed in other countries then maybe like you said it would have gotten more hype and would have done better internationally. When a man loves in boring it keeps reminding me of Fashion King so it kinda sends me a red flag warning not to watch it.
        I don’t blame ji hyo I think she did a good job and she sorta did lose her sass and became more…reserved. I guess cause she found out who he really was so she became more respectful towards CW since he was her benefactor like she called him. So i’m guessing that’s the reason why her character changed a bit plus the fact that she fell in love with him somehow,lol
        I read on some comments on recaps and dramacrazy that people weren’t liking the fact that he would get caught like every other episode that it seemed too repetitive. So maybe that had something to do with it. I hadn’t realized that until I read those comments though,lol
        I’m glad that rang was cured(or at least that’s the way they make it seem) and i loved the cheesiness too, especially the bromance,lol

        • I watched the first 2 episodes of WAML, thank goodness I didn’t continue (and SSH also stopped exercising randomly in the drama after that. lol). Yeah, I agree that her character changed a bit after she found out about him, I actually liked both of them at the beginning, and they aren’t as dull as they are in the latter episode. I also don’t mind Won being caught and release again, because when it happens, it adds something new to the story. Like Jung Hwan finally joining the good side, or Won finding new evidences, or another twists, so the plot does move forward, although it spins on its wheel a little bit, but yeah when people just focus on the main plot (Won trying to clear his name), it could feel repetitive. I have also read that people think it is really slow? I didn’t notice that at all. In fact, I thought it moves really fast. Maybe it all boils down to personal preference after all 😀

        • Watching it I felt very confused cause i’m not sure where it’s even heading,lol that’s why I stopped.
          It did add to the story but it became a bit predictable in that part but I love how he was able to get out of it each and every time,lol I always knew Jung Hwan would eventually jump to the right side I never saw him as an evil character from the start. Just a guy who did everything to get justice so I knew he was good. And i’m glad I was right. Slow?, I agree I thought it was a bit fast especially in the end cause it felt a bit rushed,lol I guess it does cause in my opinion this drama needed another 2 episodes,lol

  2. Thanks for this. Your thoughts made me laugh. Yeah, I don’t know why it has sucha low ratings as well. But GFB didn’t air at the same time as this one (MoH is still much better in terms of writings). Maybe because it’s similar to Chaser? So most people in Korea found it predictable? This is one of my favorite dramas though.

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