Mandate of Heaven ep 17&18:Thoughts

Well I’m thinking if maybe putting a list of other options apart from dramafever and viki but I’m not sure if to put it or not but it’s not like I’m famous enough to get their attention,lol I found some places where they seem to have a good selection but I’ll think about it.

– He’s finally innocent yay! and the future brother in-laws get along so well! ><
– They all look like one big happy family, but somehow I felt like if someone was gonna come out and kill em all. Kinda like in the movies where everyone is happy and something awful occurs. It just seemed like a too perfect and happy scene,lol

Mandate of Heaven Korean Drama ep 17

– Oh crap the queen just basically tied the noose around her neck, she basically just confessed that she tried killing the crown prince because that’s the only way she and the grand prince will survive.
– OMGeee!!!! she killed the freaking king!!!! Ugh I knew it, I knew it wouldn’t be so simple. Why did the king had to die then? why couldn’t he make her demotion official and then died. So then she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

korean drama mandate of heaven ep 17– Only in the middle of a fight does red demon come out with this kind of witty comments, omg seriously  I love this dude so much I wanna ship myself with him,lol
-ugh Choe Won still asks him(red demon) why is he telling him about the raid on the bandits camp, isn’t obvious as to why he’s doing it. Though sometimes he’s smart it makes me doubt when he asks this kind of dumb questions unless he really doesn’t understand.

OMG so much happened that I even forgot to comment on it but on to ep 18!,lol

– Thick lips is gonna die I just know it! and it’s not fair! ugh! Everything that could go wrong is going wrong and I really don’t see a solution for it. I’m not sure how this drama is gonna end on a nice note in fact maybe the last scene will be of all of em in a…death pit(? I can’t remember what they are called).
– In case nothing works out and Choe Won dies the only way to secure Da In’s and rang’s life would be for the crown prince to marry Da In and adopt Rang as his own. But he will just be that kind of king that holds no real power like seen in various other sageuks, that’s if they even let him become king and not manage to kill him somehow.
– Idk why but I kinda get the feeling they are winning over the other cop guy, or is it just me? in hopes that somehow he will change his mind and switch to the good side and help red demon.
– Should have known that everything was planned by choe won, like I have said before it’s funny how all of sudden that the main lead always become wise and smart when they are trying to get revenge or something,lol

– Korean Drama Mandate of Heaven ep 17

– I love when these quarrel it’s so freaking cute,lol

Korean drama Mandate of heaven ep 17

– Omg I just died and went to heaven, she asks him to pour her and wine and he replies that no and she goes on to tell him why not to which he replies that he will only do so to who will be his wife. And tells her unless she’s ok with that idea so she puts her cup down and sorta pouts and what does he do? he pours the drink for her!!! practically proposing!!!! omg I’m trying to hard not to scream and giggle and squeal or else my parents are gonna think I really lost it,lol but omgeee!!!!(took me about 4 times to make the gifs,lol)

Mandate of Heaven Korean Drama ep 17  Mandate of Heaven Korean Drama ep 17

– Ugh poor grand prince to be at the point that he’s afraid of his own mother and when he goes on to tell her that and that he understands what she’s doing and to have her laugh in his face and agree. It must break his tiny little heart especially knowing she plans to kill his older brother and that there is a probability she will kill him as well
– This episode is gonna end in total chaos! I feel like the drama is rushing it. Maybe cause this was supposed to be a 24 episode drama and got cut down to 20 so now the writers have to rush the plot but this past two episodes that writing feels a bit sloppy. A lot of things are happening at the same time and they are going from one emotion to the other in less than 5 minutes. I’m trying to process the romantic moment between red demon and CW’s sister when they show me what happens with the grand prince it’s just a bit too much in the same 5 minutes, Well at least for me.
– Why So Baek why? why did you have to go after your dad and thick lips? ugh that’s the love of a parent willing to humiliate himself in front of his enemy in order to save her life knowing that it may have little to no effect =(

Well ep 19 is gonna be intense but I’m not sure if to watch it right now or just watch it tomorrow along with ep 20 and I’ll be done. Ugh the decisions of a kdrama fan,lol


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