Mandate of Heaven ep 16:Thoughts

I’m just gonna watch part of ep 16 since in about 20 minutes JOJ is gonna start,lol so let’s do this

– I have a question is there a program I could use to help me capture screen caps like one after another? cause I really wanna make a gif of the fight scenes but I’m not sure how =/
– I just looked up what abscess was because they keep mentioning it over and over again right now, I shouldn’t have done that. I think i’ma have nightmares tonight it’s just so freaky ><
– I feel sorry for the grand prince he’s such a good and loyal son but he has such a conniving scheming mother that even beats him when he gets in her way. She doesn’t deserve him as a son and she doesn’t deserve to be a mother either, she repeatedly tells him that why doesn’t he recognize/understands his mother’s heart. But in reality she’s just trying to brainwash him into thinking she’s doing it for him but in fact she’s doing it to stay in power, luckily the kid uses his brain and observes whats going on and is able to make his own conclusion. Or else this would be an entirely different situation when he would have believed his mother and maybe helped even murder his older brother.
– They’re trying to corner the queen by taking little by little all her supporters, I wonder what actually happened in the real history cause I know part of this drama is based on real life(part cause i’m pretty sure there was no choe won then). I think I may do another history lesson on a sageuk like how I did on with Jang Ok Jung since I noticed it gets a lot of views and the search items were questions about her history. But then again maybe cause JOJ was so popular,lol

Mandate of Heaven ep 16

– How can they say such lines with such a straight face?,lol oh writers how you love to tease us,lol

Mandate of Heaven ep 16

– I think the main reason why I love this drama is because of these two, they started of like cats and dogs but somehow in the end they manage to work out just nicely. The even have more chemistry than the main leads which is a lot to say, I like choe won and da in but they lack the chemistry and for that reason I love this couple more,lol

Well I just got distracted by Gu Family Book, since JOJ ended I switched channels but I forgot that Horse Doctor ended and now this one has started. But I’m seriously disturbed with the rape scene only 35 minutes into the first episode and already? OMG this is worst than I miss You!! forget it seems this drama is not for me ><

After a bit of searching I was able to find a reliable looking source to finish this drama, you will be missed dramacrazy =/

– Poor So Baek I can’t help but feel sorry for her she even went to the extent of wearing a hanbok to try to look pretty for choe won and in the end he still leaves. But of course it’s for the best why torture the poor girl by staying there when she’s making up false hope in her heart.

Mandate of Heaven ep 16

– At least So Baek finally realizes how thick lips feels, and knows that he’s hurting exactly like she is. I’m glad she finally realized it though in the mist of her own pain, but maybe it will help her get over choe won faster.
– Damn it’s starting to go back and forth now, the queen is saying he’s part of group of traitors but now choe won finally found more evidence to back him up can’t wait to see what the queen is gonna do now.
– I always find the washing of someone else’s feet kinda funny and weird, because why would you wanna do that? I wonder how the actors feel when filming that scene since it must be very awkward to do it. Especially since it’s a very intimate act, well at least for me I would only wash my parents feet but other than that I’m not so sure,lol

Mandate of Heaven ep 16

– It’s sweet how choe won’s sister just knows that if she needs something whether physically, emotionally or psychologically she knows she can go to red demon for support. She even compares his hugs to that of her dad as giving him to understand that he’s someone she knows she could go to for consolation and unconditional support. While at the same time Choe Won hides from Da In the fact that her adoptive father may have had something to do with the death of his father in order to save her the pain! it’s not even spring anymore(?) and love is in the air. At least in the dramas,lol cause all there is in SolCal is heat,lol

Mandate of Heaven ep 16


Even Red Demon is happy that finally choe won has been declared innocent, since he has more than one reason to be happy,lol But I wonder what’s gonna happen next since we still have 4 more episodes to go,lol well on to ep 17 gonna try finishing this drama this week,lol


4 responses to “Mandate of Heaven ep 16:Thoughts

  1. I watched In time with you.I was reluctant at first but then I finally watched it.Though the drama have flaws still I loved it.And I was soon wishing to have a friend like that.
    2012 is not a good drama year for me so far.Every drama looks boring to me.Looks like same stories are being repeated over and over again.
    I don’t have anything to watch right now.I was watching Cruel City (Awesome drama till 7-8 eps) but I recently took a break from it since they are forcing romance which the story really doesn’t need.And the plot is also slowing a bit.
    What do you think about the dramas so far aired in 2013?
    Oh and I’m interested in medical dramas and recently finished Code Blue and I really liked it.Since I’m in medical school too I like watching medical dramas :-).
    My favorite genres are Comedy,Romance,Mystery,Thriller,Horror,Psychological.
    What are yours?

    • I thought In Time with you was an awesome drama with it’s storyline though I stopped watching cause of my obsession(lol) with Mandate of Heaven. But with every episode I watched I kept saying where in the world can I find myself a friend like that,lol Because it would be awesome to have the kind of friendship they have.
      Well I haven’t watched a lot of dramas for this yr and not many called my attention such as The Winter,That Wind Blows or Incarnation Of Money. I tend to be a bit picky about the dramas I watch I’m not watching Cruel City but I am reading recaps of it though but it’s not the same as watching it,lol
      This yr has been so-so most of them look a bit boring since so far from this yr the ones i’ve watched are MOH, JOJ, Dating Agency Cyrano,The queen’s classroom,. But once I finish these I do have a few other of this yr I wanna watch.
      My favorite genres are Comedy, Romance and Sageuks,lol

  2. I haven’t still watched Mandate of Heaven since I’m quite busy with study these days and I’m kind of hesitant because I’m really not into historical dramas and I’ve never watched one but the synopsis of Mandate of Heaven caught my interest and since it feature two of my favorites I like both LDW and adore SJH so I’ll give it a shot in the future maybe in summer holidays.
    About Gu Family Book I checked out the first episode because of its high expectations and popularity.I somehow got past the first episode.The end wasn’t bad.But after reading reviews and recaps for ep 2 I was turned off and recently I read about the ending and I really don’t know what happened but I was laughing at the screen.My precious time wasn’t wasted on this drama.
    2013 is really not a good drama year for me.None of the dramas are like I want to watch,I can’t wait for the next episode kind of feeling.
    What dramas are you watching?in addition to these?

    • I’m really loving this drama but I think mainly cause of the second main leads and their romance,lol But it is a good story though at parts it seems a bit repetitive but it’s good and obviously one of my favorites for the first half of this year. Gu Family Book i’m still unsure I watched part of the second ep(after JOJ) and it didn’t really catch my attention. If I do watch it, it will because the drama after JOJ is not good but other than that I don’t think I really will.
      Have you tried the queen’s classroom? So far it’s good and it’s the kind of drama where you love to hate the main character,lol
      Well i’m watching (though in pause until I finish mandate of heaven) Itazura Na Kiss:Love in Tokyo, Dating Agency:Cyrano, The Queen’s Classroom, Jang Ok Jung:Living By Love and In Time With You. And you? what dramas are you watching?

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