I feel like I’ve been dumped and with no warning whatsoever, I feel like I did something wrong . Maybe I wasn’t loyal fan? ugh I’m so freaking sad. I tried watching the last part of ep 16 of Mandate of Heaven but it said file not found so then I tried going to main site where I got the awful news. Now i’ma need to find myself a new website to watch my dramas and whats worst is that neither viki or dramafever have mandate of heaven so i’m not sure where to finish watching it. And I wasn’t able to watch ep 2 of dating agency cyrano on dramafever unless i joined? So i guess ima have to keep looking for another place to wath my dramas, while mending my broken heart. Any recommend any other good sites with a lot of selection.


6 responses to “Heartbroken

  1. Dramafever isn’t even available in my country,I don’t really use that site.There are other sites which are better.Between I’m really not aware why did mysoju(my favorite site before dramacrazy)shut down because of dramafever?I have no idea

    • I went back to my post about when mysoju was gone and I said something about dramafever suing mysjou because they were illegally posting their subbed videos or something like that. If that was really the case then i’m thinking maybe the same thing happened or the site doesn’t have enough funds or people to continue running. Either way it’s gone and it sucks =(

  2. I myself was shocked.
    Each and every drama and even running man,I used to watch on dramacrazy.My favorite website for korean dramas.
    epdrama.com and gooddrama.net are good sites too.You can check them out, 🙂

    • me too I just couldn’t believe it because it feels so out of the blue, after mysoju was gone this was the place for me but now…i’m not sure where to go next.
      I’ll be sure to check them out, thanks =)

  3. I wish people wouldn’t jump to dramafever (because of what they did to Dramabeans earlier this year). But fans need their fix, and if other choices start disappearing, we’re going to have to make do with ones we don’t like. 😦

    • I’m trying so hard not to go to dramafever cause i think(cant really remember) because of them that mysoju got shut down. So out of loyalty,lol I try very hard not to get there but like you said fans need their fix and with places like these disappearing soon we won’t have much of a choice unless we tried to learn korean.

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