Mandate of Heaven ep 14&15:Thoughts

Ok now on to ep 14 and hopefully 15 before A Hundred Years Inheritance starts,lol though maybe it’s not a good idea because I have to wake up a little before 6 to go to work and the drama ends close to 11 ><

MOH 14-1

– I wish he would kiss her already but I can safely bet that there won’t be a single kiss between them because in about 85% of sageuks there’s no kisses with the main couple,actually the dramas ji hyo has been in except goong she’s never had a kiss. Omg poor girl let her kiss a hunk now and then if shi min ah can kiss lee jun ki then why can’t she be able to kiss lee dong wook?,lol
– Omg to her face Da In says that she(the queen) basically did give that order to poison bit by bit the prince but since she’s a nurse she put her dedication? first. Feeling mighty cause the prince is protecting her or what?
– ugh that councilor is an evil evil man! he should be castrated and then his body tear in limbs!,lol (I think if I were a king in that time my people would fear me,lol)

 Mandate of Heaven ep 14

nakatsu 1(move nakatsu move!)

– Omg these two are killing me! so freaking adorable and cute and omg I’m dying
MOH 14-3 – ooh ooh ooh!! who’s the cutie?! hey! how you doing?,lol Age? please be my age!*pause drama and off to research**comes back crying* why why? must you be younger than me why?! oh Korea these are the times when I hate you!,lol on another note it seems I really have to keep up with the kpop times,lol didn’t even know he was in a kpop group,lol
– I’m not sure if to laugh or not cause first he gets hurt but instead of going to the clinic/hospital he(red demon) goes look for choe won’s sister and then when he finds her I see she has fixed her hair so her forehead could show. It’s supposed to be bad but the way she looks…lol

 MOH 14-4

– I know it’s supposed to be a omg/aww kinda moment but every time I see her I wanna laugh, but it’s still a sweet moment, goes to show that at this point he obviously like her if giving her the makeup(?) thing wasn’t enough evidence,lol
– Ugh I told you it was too good to be true! but these writers are mean! I’m not sure what to feel! first they give me a sweet moment, then they give me some awesome scenes and then they kill the body-guard that’s too many emotions in less than 5 minutes! omg ><
– The way I see it the cutie assassin(lol) learns their moves in order to fight back which is exactly what he did when watching red demon and the bodyguard fight. That’s how he was able to kill him, ima have a hard time hating him especially since he’s cute and has mean fighting skills,lol

Onwards to ep 15! since ep 14 finished on a sad note =/ and I wanna go to sleep happy,lol

– oh hell no! how dare the queen scratch that cuties face! what the fudge! ugh!

Mandate of Heaven ep 15

– I just wished they had a bit more chemistry so then their romance moments will be more believable, sometimes I kinda feel like he sorta likes her in a father figure sorta way and sometimes not. Maybe they should have hanged out as friends a bunch of times before starting this drama in order to further develop their chemistry or something.
– The fights are intense just how I like em but…who the heck does a twirl in the air because they got hit by a rock? like who? he was such a bad ass but why cutie why? why did you have to make such a dumb over the top move?
– “How can I leave rang in you care when i’m out doing something important” kinda feels like there’s more to that sentence that he implies or am I being delusional/crazy again?,lol

Mandate of Heaven ep 15

– I’m starting to think that maybe choe won has a lip fetish or something, the man can’t get away from her lips and not even in a kissing way,lol
– Aww poor So Baek! but girl turn around and you have an equally amazing guy right behind you and looking at you and wanting the same thing with you that you want with choe won. Ugh I really hate unrequited(?) loves…lol
Mandate of Heaven ep 15

– Ok i will stop for now it’s almost 10 and i need to wake up early once again, but I’ll be back,lol
– I’m back,lol a day later but I’m back.

Mandate of Heaven ep 15
– Poor So Baek, it’s the first time she experiences love and the first time she wishes to be more feminine but gets rejected. If it hurts to get rejected it must hurt even more for someone who was willing to change herself in order to get the guy she liked to notice her. What’s worst it’s that he even tells her he see’s her only as a little sister, if he was trying to let her down lightly then he just did the freaking opposite of it. It’s always better to be friend zoned than to be told I only see you as a sister/brother, because as a friend you have a slight chance but as a sibling kind of relationship then you have none whatsoever.
– I forgot the way this girl cried, her expression goes all weird and her voice becomes annoying. I know no one looks nice when crying but it just feels like a kid is basically making a tantrum because you’re not buying them something they want. Ever sing AGD I have felt this when she cried but maybe in the future she’ll get better at it.
– Isn’t the writer of this drama too cruel? or what? How could they go from a scene where Choe Won just broke So Baek’s heart to a romantic scene where he tells Da In that now he has another to come back safely and that the reason is her. I’m sorry but at the moment I can’t really grasp the romance in it when I feel so bad for So Baek the timing is just wrong.
Mandate of Heaven ep 15
– The pinky promise under the moon was kinda cute though, I guess I can’t completely get away from the hopeless romantic in me,lol
– Yet again what an awesome fight and they discover who the cuties works for , though the last part of the fight when red demon and the royal guard went against him kinda gave me a QSD vibe. When Bidam did the revolt(coup d at?) and was trying to get close to deokman and yushin and alcheon are fighting against him and in the end both stab him with their sword. Kinda felt like that except this cutie is much better than these two,lol
– I thought it was a plan to capture the cutie but in the end it was just a decoy in order to get Choe Won to see the king and give him the confession letter himself kinda gutsy if you ask me.


Apart from going to the king himself he also accuses the queen to her face in front of the king, maybe I should just finish this drama tonight since i’m not working tomorrow,lol For sure i’ma watch ep 16 right now,lol


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