Mandate of Heaven ep 13:Thoughts

Well 7 more episode till this drama ends, omg I think i’m really gonna cry in the end I guess I gotta start preparing my Kleenex, some ice cream and some chocolate oh and popcorn,lol

– I totally did not see that coming! A bluff of that size…idk I thought he would say that he had the grand prince or something but say that he has a secret order from the queen!? damn!,lol
– Since it’s not raining shouldn’t they call mishil or something, according to her she commands the heavens,lol
– The prince has a point what’s the point of offering foods to the heavens when you can instead give it to the people who are hungry. It’s basically wasting food cause that food being offered can feed people instead but inthe offerings it would just go to waste and no one would truly benefit from it.
– Now that I think about it that bandits fortress or whatever it is looks a lot like the place where ui ja basically exiled gye baek out of jealousy. I think I have seen it in faith as well can’t really remember thought but for sure it was in Gye Baek,lol

Mandate of Heaven ep 13 – Can I ship these two? can I please? it’s like a future drama romance waiting to happen! I think i’ve repeated this way too many times already in past posts or at least in the last two,lol but seriously don’t you agree?,lol
– Forget what I said about mishil apparently they both went to school together and majored in astronomy there,lol that’s how they were able to tell when it was gonna rain.
Mandate of Heaven ep 13
– I knew there had to be a reason as to why he save her, he must have betrayed her family and before all her family got killed he managed to save her. But I wonder what exactly he did to go from a servant to a lord or whatever he is.
– I’ll believe it this time that she’s sick from the rain and that’s because they’ve been hinting for a while that she’s getting sick, as long as they don’t give her cancer or something or i’ll be super pissed off.

moh 13-3 – That’s my girl! give your daddy some alone time with your future mommy,lol
moh 13-4 -awww it’s all I can say I think this is the real romance moment between this two, or at least the beginning of him realizing what he feels for her and vice-versa, though I think she already has an idea she likes him. But omg they look so cute together!
– Excuse me but is it really necessary for him to have touched her lip with his hand? was it supposed to be romantic or something cause I didn’t find it all in fact I found it kinda weird,lol

MOH 13-5

ooh let me touch your lip, is it sexy? do you like it?,jaja

MOH 13-6

– oh yes, cause telling a girl let’s eye each other too is totally romantic,lol oh how I love this too I wish I could show you guys a presentation of all my favorite parts of this episode but then I think it would just be better to watch it all and fangirl-fanboy? together,lol
– That woman is evil!! how dare she do that to her son! maybe a spank or two with the chancleta(sandal) or the belt but with a wooden stick? and then go to proceed to tell him to his face than animal would make a better son than him? ugh I hate that woman,lol

MOH 13-7

Mandate of Heaven ep 13

– Omg I almost died of happiness when he said that, in other words “don’t you dare lay another finger on my girl” >< but isn’t he in a way giving up now what’s his weakness? they’ll realize he has a soft spot for her so they could try using her against him.
– I want to believe that it’s finally gonna be over and he’s gonna be able to clear his false accusations but dont really wanna get my hopes up.

Either way I think ima watch ep 14 too and maybe 15 I feel like a marathon today but ima do it in another post because I think this one is long enough,lol


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