Itazura na Kiss:Love in Tokyo ep 9:Thoughts

So I think this episode is gonna be a torture to watch,lol so let’s get on with it.

– I dislike you irie-kun I really do, from now on I’m not gonna forgive your jerkness regardless of what you do. But on the bright side goes to show how much good of an actor you are,lol
Itazura na kiss:love in tokyo ep 9– If both kotoko and his mom suck at stalking I can only guess how obvious they’re gonna be especially with his brother tagging along.
– omg his english! it’s not engrish!!! omg! no! I won’t let myself be sucked in again!,lol
IK 9-2– They should have known better especially because no one in their right minds wear scarfs, sunglasses,trench coats, and a fake mustache inside a restaurant.
– I know it’s a bit of an exaggeration the way she’s behaving thinking irie lives with matsumoto, but at the same time I think if someone found one the one they like lives with someone else and they would act out their feeling then I guess it’s pretty safe to say that’s how they will act.
– I think I’m being a bit too critical…? of this drama. I’m just seeing everything he does as negative, that he’s only doing that in order for her to keep liking him. While he enjoys(in some way) the attention I think it’s just a miserable situation for her.

Ugh I’m not sure what to think of this drama anymore, I find myself being negative about the whole drama and I’m not enjoying it as I was in the beginning, so maybe I should stop seeing it but I really wanna know how it’s gonna end. Well I know how but I wanna see how,lol


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