Itazura Na Kiss:Love in Tokyo ep 7&8: Thoughts

Due to my fangirling and my bias of Mandate of Heaven I’ve stopped watching this one but I’m back for now,lol


Itazura na kiss:love in tokyo ep 7

– You know you’re a running man addict the moment you see a giraffe in a Japanese drama and all you think “omg kwangsoo!!!”,lol

– Aww poor mama she always wanted a daughter and when she finally got something close to it she had to lose her =( must be hard not having the girl you always wanted and instead get two boys who seem to be women haters,lol(a bit of an exaggeration there,lol) But it was a sorta win-win situation the mom got the daughter she never had and kotoko got the mom she never had as well, but now have to leave without. Kinda of a cruel situation if you tell me cause they both got a taste of what it was to have a mother-daughter relationship but never have.

– aww he misses her!!! otherwise why else would he go to practice if there’s not tournament or match coming up? huh?,lol But this is bad! how else is she gonna forget about him?

Itazura na kiss:love in tokyo ep 7

– Seriously if a guy made food just for me I would soo marry him,lol

Itazura na kiss:love in tokyo ep 7

– This guy is really making it hard for her to forget him >< It’s like he does it on purpose or something. But the first thing that came to mind was he’s so skinny and is able to pick her up?! or she must weigth very little,lol



– The mom looks so nice and innocent but damn she’s good at plotting, I wonder how she came up with that scheme of calling all the realty places,lol isn’t that like black marking/marketing them or something,lol

– Isn’t he making a bit obvious he’s jealous of the rumor that kotoko and the tennis senpai are going out? or why does he wanna let her know that he’s planning to go on a date with her? trying to get back at her somehow and that’s the only way he can think of?

Itazura na Kiss:Love in toyko ep 8

– Well at least these two know how to stalk properly and armed themselves with food and drinks,lol But I find it funny how it’s matsumoto? who’s trying to pull the moves on him instead of the other way around. If he doesn’t do anything it’s either one of three things 1) he’s not interested 2) he’s a gentleman or 3) he’s shy,lol(gotten from my non-existent dating experience,lol)

– Aren’t they being too obvious that they are following someone, because walking like zombies is not gonna get no ones attention? Or did the laws of stalking change? Is it the more obvious you are the less likely you’ll get caught??,lol tsk tsk tsk…

IK 8-2

– It’ weird how dramas corrupt your mind(too much?) cause all of sudden I found myself thinking maybe I should get myself in trouble and some cute guy will come to my rescue(yes I know -_-). But then I stopped and thought first of all I’m currently not stalking someone(lol) and second of all even if I were(which I’m not, I promise) that stalkee(?) wouldn’t like me. In reality he would hope they would get rid of me once in for all. And if I did manage to find myself in trouble I really doubt someone would come to my aid in fact I think I can safely bet that the people around will be taking pics/videos of me getting murdered or raped. But still find them running away together cute,lol

hana kimi 2

– My internet connection is killing me! it hates me! why won’t it load the last part properly? why?!

– Ugh he’s so mean! how can he give her wings that way and plans to leave the house? If he was planning to do that then why say something to her and give her hopes that he’s only gonna step on. Seriously these are the times I think he’s a complete jerk! he knows she likes him but why torture the girl the way? why?! ><

– I feel so bad for kin-chan too he genuinely like kotoko and she’s a bit mean too because she also give him a bit of hope.


Well 4 more episodes(including the special) are left and I think it’s just gonna kill me from rage, I feel in this version he’s a bit more of a jerk because he tells her things that give her hope but his actions do otherwise. Well I’m almost done with this one and I would watch another episode but I’m now a working woman,lol so ima be forced to cut down on my dramas. Therefore after this one ends I think I won’t start another one, at least until I’m used to my schedule,lol


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