30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 15&16

I didn’t mean to skip a day it’s just that family came unexpectedly from NorCal and it would kinda rude if I just stayed on my laptop writing and ignore them so I would have to do two days today,lol   Day 15: Your favorite actor? Such a hard question>< Korean:  Ji Jin Hee Ji Jin Hee 2 This man apart from being handsome is a great actor he could play the role of a goofy and awkward guy to one of a general you’ll be scared to come across. I loved him in almost all of his dramas and can’t wait to see him in a  new one. Japanese: None at the moment, because I haven’t watched as many jdramas as kdramas so I can’t really get an opinion on one certain actor. Taiwanese: None at the moments, for the same reason as the japanese one. Day 16: Your favorite actress? Korean: There’s so many of them that I like give me an hr to think,lol… Kim Ha Neul This was a super hard choice because it was either her, Kim Sun Ah, Moon Geun Young, Ko Hyung Jung, Ji Hyo and Ha Ji Won,lol But in the end I chose her, I’ve loved her in(almost) every single movie I’ve seen of her except My Pet(the kr movie of the japanese drama Kimi wa Petto, but it’s not her fault it’s just that Korean writers seem to love to kill their remakes of other countries movies/dramas). Anyways I still find her to be a great actress and I hope to see her in another great drama this year. Japanese:  Inoue Mao Inoue Mao-Juui Dolittle I’ve only watched her in about 2 drama and maybe I shouldn’t really choose her as my favorite for the reason stated in the actors category, but what I’ve seen from her is pretty good and if she keeps going and gets better I think she has a good chance of becoming one of my favorites. Taiwanese: Ariel Lin and Rainie Yang Page5   If I keep watching Taiwanese drama it’s because of these two lovely ladies, all of the dramas I have watched has either one or the other I think the only ones I have watched that didn’t have either was Fated to love you and My Queen. Other than that ISWAK, tokyo juliet, In time with you, devil beside you, why why love, miss no good, and ToGetHer have all had one or the other. They’re both great actress and are able to play whatever role they are given so choosing between them it’s too hard,lol


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