Mandate of Heaven ep 12: Thoughts

OMGeee ep 11 was intense!!!! the ending! omg!

*work internet work!! i must know what happens next!!!*


– What happened to mak pol(?) he must have killed him it’s not like he would believe that someone else has access to the letter.

– I find it kinda annoying how they seem to ignore Baek So(?) she says something and it’s like she didn’t even speak and they treat her like a child. Yes she acts a bit impulsive but that’s not a reason to completely disregard her, I wish they would stop acting like she’s not there.

Mandate of Heaven ep 12

– I was thinking exactly that! All of sudden the one giving the orders is Choe Won while Red Demon is following them when it should be the other way around because he has policemen/investigative experience.

– Poor thick lips he will forever remain in the friendzone, she won’t realize his feeling unless he tells her straight up and even then I kinda doubt she’s gonna full understand what he means.

Mandate of Heaven ep 12

– Oh gosh idk if he’s upset over losing the evidence or the fact that she crying, and he’s even worrying cause he’s not able to protect her from that other jerk,lol I just love the moments between these two, the pd’s really know how to torture us.

– How must the crown prince feel to be scared of his own mother, even though she tries to play him like just another piece of the puzzle he still in way understands what’s going on. And because of that he wants to protect his brother even if it means protecting him from stones with his own body. Now this is a true bromance,lol

Mandate of Heaven ep 12

-Ugh the way he worries about her it’s just so cute, but not as cute as red demon’s and choe won’s sister interaction,lol

– I’m starting to think that So Baek’s dad is not that much of a fool, I really wanna know his story though. I know his wife was killed but why? and what does the councilor have to do with it? was it his daughter? cause he seems really persistent on hiding So Baek or am I the only one getting that feeling?

– Omg i love the grand prince! it’s like a future love relationship in the making. A misunderstanding: rang doesn’t know he’s a prince and bickered from the moment they met.

Mandate of Heaven ep 12

– Red Demon should take a lesson from Choe Won on how to properly defend his girl,lol

– omg that dude must seriously love Da In like his own child that he would basically back stab his own crew in order to save her life. This is another story I would like to know, how she came to be his adoptive daughter and why? He doesn’t appear to have any wife and kids either so I hope this is explained later on and not just be something of the story that we must just accept.


They’re obviously not gonna kill him he just has to remember to shout out that he knows where the grand prince is at, I think the writers were a bit obvious in this one point,lol But omg this drama is just getting better and better and I wish I could watch till I catch up but then it’s just gonna be a torture to know I can’t watch it because the subs aren’t out yet.


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