Mandate of Heaven ep 11: Thoughts

So in the last episode he just found the rock that was behind the true meaning of the turtle character but he’s about to be found out, I think ima watch two episodes today

– Dude seriously!? you leave behind evidence that you were there? you could have at least filled in the hole again. You would think he will learn to be more careful now and cover his track now that he knows he is being tracked down but no he leaves the hole undug(?) and the box right where anyone could see.

Mandate of Heaven ep 11

– I was hopping he would punch the living life out of him for torturing his girl but no. So now I’m disappointed in him,lol but I don’t like that the other guy is making him look bad if only poor red demon would realize that just like in real life the policemen around him are crooked as well.

– “Even if it’s torture, I’ll handle it” I wonder what kind of torture he’s talking about*off to think dirty thoughts*

– He didn’t exactly let him go but when two girls keep stroking his ego over and over again of course he’s gonna stay quiet especially when one of those girls is choe won’s sister. I just loved when he told Da In to take care of her so that no trace of illness where visible it’s like it kills him to see her in that state,lol ok I’m in super delusional mode right now,lol

– Must be tough to have to choose between the man who saved your life and the man who raised you like his own daughter, kinda the same situation as in Horse Doctor.

Mandate of Heaven ep 11

– Ugh I love you rang, I really do! This girl is like reading my mind and saying it out loud it’s kinda obvious thick lips like So Baek. He didn’t want to do a favor for Choe Won but as soon as she said she wanted to go instead he immediately wanted to go. Now rang can you please let Red Demon know about his feeling towards your aunt,lol

– Red Demon confuses me sometimes, he seems like a genuine good guy but then he acts this way towards CW’s sister saying he doesn’t plan to help. I kinda get the feeling too that he is gonna help but on the down low as to not cause many suspicions and bring attention to himself.

– Wait so the queen wants Da In to seduce the CW as a woman or gain his trust as a friend? Can’t she just say it in plain words that I can understand,lol

Mandate of Heaven ep 11

– OMG! freaking bastard! hijo de su mama y papa! omg to the freaking extent this man went! And that freaking smug on his face! ugh just ugh! Poor red demon just when he was about to catch him this happens ugh!!!!*breath jenny breath!!*

– poor choe woon he’s getting his butt kicked with the excuse of training and he doesn’t even realize it, yet rang immediately figured it out,lol

Mandate of Heaven ep 11

– Ugh how could they dismiss him! Now that he’s so close! How is he gonna get to the crown prince now? ottoke!!

– I’m in love! I really am. How could you not love this guy? “Before I come back to be pitifully abadoned…” you tell em!

Mandate of Heaven ep 11

 – Apparently I’m not the only one who has noticed how awesome Red Demon is I would have married him in an instant,lol

ugh I really want to finish this episode but it’s almost 1:30 in the morning ><

ok I’m back!,lol

– Damn it! of all the places where he hid it, he hid it there? oh red demon what have you done?? How can he be so calm knowing he’s being followed? omg this is just too intense for me.

-so much to freaking processs damn you drama why are you soo good?!! In the end(for now) she chose her adoptive father over him ugh!! so much ok on to ep 12! how many episodes does this drama have??*fangirling*


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