GIF Challenge #2

Didn’t watch any dramas today, took the day off,lol so instead ima do another gif challenge cause I have nothing better to do =)

GIF Challenge

-8th gif represents your sense of humor:


-16th is your attitude towards the world:

baseball moment 1

the truth is out there!

-23rd represents your love life:


dangerous? packed with heat?,lol

-13th is your social life:


-30th represents your ideal life:

-45th gif represents your future:

JC 1
-10th gif represents your past:

-18th represents your present:

better maybe

married to kwangsoo? ^^
-2nd is how the same sex sees you:

ace couple
-24th is how your parents are:

booth 1

no wonder i’ll eventually end up with someone who has a gun,lol
-26th is how your kids will be like:

-50th is what your neighbors will be like:

ji hyo dancing

-11th is your last day on earth:

B n B
-9th is your sexual preference:

angry sheldon
-17th is how your future boyfriend will react to you:






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