The Queen’s Classroom: Ep 1 Thoughts

Why didn’t anyone tell me Go Hyun-jung had a new drama? I went to the place I usually avoid and find out sunny(i think) sang for it’s ost and that shinee is coming out in a mv for it or something like that. Well I’m gonna try the first episode and lets see how it goes, not like I need another drama to add to my list ><

The Queen's Classroom Ep 1

– Younger than me and already had their first kiss >< I better step it up or theyre gonna get married before me.
– That boy is lucky he’s 12 or else I would say to go to Canada and slap him all the way back to Korea so the other girl can have a turn as well,lol He must of kissed all the girls in his class too thinking it’s ok cause even if they do find out what he did he’ll be safe over there, that’s a jerk in the making. But then again aren’t they too young to be in a relationship or something aren’t they like in 6th grade, technically making them 11? 12?
– I love the viki comments already “Mishil!! you’ve gotten yourself a new theme song”. Well I prefer her old one this one is kinda weird and creepy.
– Isn’t the crazy little kid in blue the kid from Stars Falling from the sky? the one who sleep walked to pee?,lol All the character are weird, I guess cause this is the first I see a drama where practically all the leads are kids,lol
– Damn no respect towards the teacher whatsoever, kids these days are just getting worst and worst. They don’t even respect their parents either(i’m not saying all of em but a great majority of them do), just weeks ago I saw a kid whistle to her dad to get his attention in CVS. She whistled! if I had done something similar at her age to my dad or mom they would have spanked the crap out of me once home, but kids these days are becoming fearless and that’s why the world is where it’s at and it’s only going to get worst ><
– I like her already! Kids should learn how the real world is, if I knew then where I am right now I would have studied my ass off. So I wouldn’t have to be worried about where my life is headed due to poor decision making.

The Queen's Classroom Ep 1

-Kinda like that annoying kid in elementary who had a crush on you and would bother you all the time. idk what to think of this kid, he looks like a pervert in the making but at the same time acts sweet.
– Omg no wonder he’s happy go lucky, oh my poor sweet boy! Damn those bullies!
– wait since when do students eat in their classroom? It seems like they’re dying without eating curry for once, damn sometimes I crave just the white rice with some fresh cabagge kimchi and i’m not even Korean,lol

The Queen's Classroom Ep 1

-Fudge! teacher has balls!!,lol That’s all I thought when hearing her say that,lol
-Ugh her dad’s cheating bastard >< yes i’m jumping to that conclusion already and without floaties.
– Fudge the test! Girl go to the restroom in the end it could be worst and go right there in the middle of the classroom. I’m obviously gonna have a love-hate relationship with this teacher.

The Queen's Classroom Ep 1

– You tell her girl! From the moment she met her she had it against her, and i’m now starting to think she was the one who broke her pencils. I’m kinda thinking that she’s getting at her because maybe when she was younger someone who had a pencil case like that either bullied her or she had a friend whom backstabbed her. Or she always wanted one but because of her difficult childhood she was never able to have one so she feels resentful. I maybe analyzing it a bit too much,lol
– It’s funny how the one person who stood up for her wasn’t her friend but the girl the rest of the class ignores and calls her conceited. I’m seriously loving this future awesome friendship, so much I want to ship it! What would be the female equivalent of bromance? womance?,lol
– I’m guessing she got upset at the fact that her choice of teachers pet rebelled against her. Actually no I think it’s the fact that she acted like she stood up for the other girl that I think upset her. Cause she acted like she didn’t care if she couldn’t continue her test as long as the other girl went to the restroom when in fact she didn’t care cause she was already done with hers.(I’m not sure if she did it intentionally or not just to make herself seem like a nice person or something.) Again I think I may be over analyzing this.

The Queen's Classroom ep 1

Yes let’s have lot’s and lots of fun ><

Yup ima love to hate her, even though she’s trying to teach them stuff I still hate-love her. I’m obviously gonna have conflicting thoughts through out this drama so just bare with me but i’m pretty sure you guys are feeling the same way about it too.Ugh I wanna watch the next episode!!!! But they’re just in ep 4! why did I discover this?! why? why do I love this so much too? Well folks it seems I’ve added another drama to my list.


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