Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo:Episode 6 Thoughts

I’m skipping ep 3-5 because I originally wanted to start writing recaps/reviews again but…after watching the episode I couldn’t remember what I just saw maybe only like the last 10 minutes of it, which is really starting to scare me a bit so in the end I’m going back to thoughts but I will be trying to go more a little more in depth with my thoughts. Because I feel it’s just like reading random comments of an episode like those you will read in viki,lol so now ima explain my thoughts but i will describe whats happening too,lol

Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo:Episode 6

– I do remember the kiss in ep 5 though! how could I forget that and I’m glad she finally stood up to him too. I think you could like a guy all you want but if he humiliates you in front of people the best choice is to forget him. But of course with the recent tugs of jealousy he’s been having he’s not gonna make it easy for her.

– She lets the kiss affect her too much which only gives him more space to make fun of her, a girl with a crush is the most vulnerable to  the guy she likes and if he knows it only brings trouble.

Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo:Episode 6

– We are finally at the part that I wish I could skip even in ISWAK i don’t really like it but it’s something that has to happen to further strengthen their relationships…I don’t really see how though. In the end it only makes her look more of a fool for liking him when he only puts her down, of course this is following the story line but I wish they would make a spin-off or something where he’s the fool and she’s the genius,lol

– I don’t like this girl at all “Is she your girlfriend?” and kotoko smiling brightly expecting idk what and him going “no way” and walks away with a smirk. It’s like he does it on purpose which he is, which I hate,lol and then the new chick proceeds to check her out*looks her up and down* and decides if she’s worth fighting against and decides that nah.

– I’ve always felt this way when watching this part, he kissed you, so that must show some interest in you right? So instead of chasing him when he clearly acts like he has no interest then just look else where. A guy who’s just pushing and pulling is not worth it because if he took you seriously he wouldn’t do it and if he sees you going after or receiving attention from another guy then maybe he will finally put his big boy pants on and man up.

Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo:Episode 6

– Look at that face of jealousy!,lol She has him already but she’s totally working it the wrong way! But I guess it’s more of a torture for him that she doesn’t realize how much of an effect she actually has on him.

– I’m really starting to over analyze this drama, someone can you please remind me that it’s just a drama so I could stop taking it so freaking seriously, please! ❤

Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo:Episode 6

– She should work on her stalking skills though, she should act more natural and get rid of the scarf on her head it’s just making her more noticeable. So she’s calling attention to herself and when he notices the weird looks he’ll know for sure she is following him, but of course he already know she’s following doesn’t take a genius to figure out that’s her plan.

– Ooh I love the tennis guy(well his story in the drama) just wished they would make him somewhat more handsome,lol

– Now that I think about it is naoki’s brother gonna have a love-line later too…wait maybe not =( I don’t think it was part of the anime.

– They’re like eating every 10 minutes which only serves to get me hungry the downside is that I want what they are eating, but Little Tokyo is a bit far and I don’t even have a clue as to what they are eating ><

– I love how her dad backs her up in her plans to get naoki, but unlike her he’s a bit realistic in what could or could not work. Usually a dad would be against their daughter wanting to date but he seems fine with it, so I find it kinda cool.

Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo:Episode 6

– Distance makes the heart grow fonder, she shares too much information with him. She should be vague with her replies he doesn’t provide much info to her so why should she. But then again this is how he finds out that she’s leaving him,lol

– Ugh why can’t you be truthful naoki! say that you will miss her! cause you will, you know you will!

Well at least naoki’s feelings are slowly starting to develop but it’s going sooo slow! It’s already ep 7 so I have 5 more episodes to go. Can’t wait till the next episode actually can’t wait to finish it, I’m even thinking of going on a marathon to finish it,lol


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