30 Day Asian Drama Challenge:Day 11

Day 11: Your favorite Drama opening?

I actually had to look up openings cause the only one I could remember was Rooftop Prince and even then it was kinda vague,lol

p.s i hope this is what the question meant, if not…oops! gomenasai!


I think it will have to Queen Seon Duk ^^


Not many jdramas have opening at least not from the ones I’ve seen so if I had to choose it will be the opening of Densha Otoko.


I tried checking the opening of the other t-drama I’ve watched but I only like this one,lol and it also showed me I need to see more Taiwanese dramas,lol


5 responses to “30 Day Asian Drama Challenge:Day 11

  1. I think my favorite opening has been Love to Kill, and the music is just awesome 🙂

  2. Do you know bubuxinjin? That one has a good opening and ending! And the series is really really good! If you liked queenseondeok you will definitely like this as well! The first few episodes differ from the rest of the series in that it is more immature but just keep watching!

    • No i don’t, I usually only prefer Korean historical drama(sageuks), so far historical chinese and japanese dramas haven’t really gotten my attention.

      • Usually I think the Chinese ones are really bad quality but this one has good acting and a good plot. If you have time you should give it a try 🙂

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