Mandate of Heaven ep 10: Thoughts

I’m starting to think that I may have memory problems because I try and try but can’t seem to remember what happened in the last episode =(

– ok now I remember but…did the CW forgive the eunuch or is he simply making a deal to save his life? Well I guess to save his life but if I was the CW I wouldn’t trust him completely. Once a backstabber always a backstabber. It’s a shame they caught him but I guess there’s a reason for it. It’s like family reunion(in a way) inside the jail the woman who betrayed his family and the guy who sold him out, love his look of disbelief of seeing the both of them there. I officially ship myself with LDW that is all that I have to say,jaja  By now I think it’s safe to safe that girl likes choe won(?), seeing how she keeps worrying about everything that has to do with him and his daughter. I wonder if she’s ever gonna realize it but I’m sure thick lips will start noticing soon and that’s when we see his poor little heart break =(

mandate of heaven ep 10

-Like seriously for red demon that calls himself smart why doesn’t he realize what his subordinate is doing? Whatever opinion or conclusion he comes up with to the other guy shoots it down without even thinking about it. I spoke too soon, finally he realizes that somethings fishy!!*clapping* . He’s finally gonna realize they’ve been using him and I think justice is finally gonna be served. Seeing how the other guy is getting over excited when asking to see his hand is evidence enough, even his own guy is against it shouldn’t the smell of fish be heavier there then?

mandate of heaven ep 10

oppa! saranghae!

– The other guy didn’t let him see the councilors hand but since he started to show his hand as a bluff red demon is gonna fall for it. Finally he’s getting down to business…but he’s looking at the wrong people, actually because he has the wrong people around him he’s not able to see the bigger picture.  He wants to see them talk to confirm if they are lovers or not and every single word they are saying keeps confirming like if they were, at least in my opinion.

mandate of heaven ep 10

– Wouldn’t you agree, I think of you when I’m in danger equals when i’m scared it’s you that gets me through it. Okay I may have over thought that phrase a tiny little bit I will admit to that,lol  Ugh seriously I love Red Demon and the sister so much he doesn’t even fight back now, but she’s right he’s not really gonna easily admit he was wrong but then again he still doesn’t have all the facts yet.

– Thank the kdrama gods that we have rang for comedy relief and cuteness relief,lol Like seriously seeing her makes me want to have an asian kid(by that I mean either korean or japanese) but I highly doubt that could be possible. Just went from happy to sad as soon as she started crying for her dad, it was either because of her or i’ve become emotionally unstable(but I doubt it,lol).

– At least Da In is starting to get part of the picture, and when she asks rang about the peony(?) she will figure out that the queen mother also had something to do with the death of choe won’s father. Now to just get all that info to the crown prince and it can easily be solve but it’s kdrama so it wont happen so easily.

– Omgee he’s finally realizing who the spy is(no not kwangsoo,lol), I hope he gets him good and by that I mean kills him,lol

mandate of heaven ep 10

– Can you seriously tell how sick someone is by their pulse or where they are sick? Cause I have seen in various medical sageuk dramas that they feel for the pulse so it makes me wonder if it is something that it’s actually done for real.

– He’s now going behind Red Demons back ooohh…damn another sword fight! Bastard just because he can’t win him throws sand in his eyes my poor oppa! shred him to pieces!

*bowing: please forgive my extreme fan-girlishness, but i love me a good sword fight*

mandate of heaven ep 10

-Please someone show me how to make a gif of fight! wished it were longer though.

Ep 11 looks intense! but seriously why not make the fight scenes a bit longer?


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