30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 10

Day 10 is finally here! yay!

Day 10: Your favorite Drama insert song(ost)?

This is a hard one because there have been many dramas with awesome ost’s so I’ll divide it,because I’m not sure if the question is the whole ost of a drama or just one song.


Single: It Has to be You by Yesung Cinderella’s Sister OST, no matter how many times I watch it I can’t get tired of it. Every time I hear it it’s like the first time. Gives the shivers every time i hear it, ugh why did you have to leave to the army?! =(

Whole OST: If I had my way it would be a three-way tie but the drama where I loved every single song was Scent of a Woman, with AGD and Faith following oh and A&M too,lol


Single: Miwa Hikari E of Rich Man Poor Woman OST, I don’t usually pay a lot of attention to jdrama ost but this one called out to me and well I like it enough that I made it my ringtone,lol

Whole OST: None at the moment


Single: It would have to be Say That You Love Me by Jason and Lara from It Started with A Kiss Ost. I love this song even though I don’t know what it says except for the english parts cause I can’t find english subtitles for it. Every time I hear it I feel like watching ISWAK all over again and sometimes I do,lol*omg I just noticed this video has subs in the top right corner,lol*

Whole OST: Well I’m not sure if I liked a complete ost but…the I liked two songs in the whole drama of ToGetHer so does that count?,lol


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