Mandate of Heaven ep 8-9 Thoughts

omgee it’s been almost 2 weeks since I saw ep 7! but let’s catch up today with 2 episodes! yes 2!,lol

– I’m not even sure where we left at last =(

– oh right! she was about to catch him and she was gonna get caught by red demon catching him,lol(love triangle in the making?,lol)

– I’m freaking lucky I wasn’t eating or drinking anything when watching this part,lol

MOH 8-1

– ugh I really love them together! ❤

– Am I the only one confused as to who to ship Da In with? One minute I want her with Choe Won(?) then with red demon but then they show me this!

MOH 8-2

– Am I the only one that see’s this romantically? I’m so freaking confused!

– Poor guy doesn’t even realize his own friend has betrayed him twice already but then again it’s kinda hard to choose when your wife and child’s life is in the line.

– Damn! they found out! quick crown prince move him!…but he’s in the prince’s chambers so it’s gotta be safe right?

– Why didn’t the show how red devil saved the girl! I wanna know! what are his thoughts on it? ugh!!

– awww omg i love that little girl! i’m squealing and giggling like a teenager,lol

– I hate the creepy music they put when the queen tells him to raise his head ><

– omgeee the prince finally put his big boy pants on,lol

– Seulong as the crown prince is very intense,lol but sometimes his facial expressions are kinda funny even though he’s trying to act furious,lol

– ugh this episode is killing me!

– He finally found out about his back stabbing eunuch! Must be hard to have no one to fully trust.

– Well I know for sure that body-guard of the man who took care of Da In is in love with her, just see at the way he looks at her. I also think the same from the councilors guard too but then maybe i’m just confusing them,lol

– Damn they used his little brother to get him out of his chambers ><

 Well on to ep 9!

– What an evil evil mother! using her own son?! ugh!!

– That counselor has a lot of enemies it seems, can I kill him too?,lol

– This is episode is bit boring,lol

– It feels like everything that can go wrong is gonna go wrong, it’s not that the episode is boring but there’s so many things to focus on at the same time I’ll think ima have to rewatch this episode. There’s definitively something going on with the bandit’s leader and the right councilor and I wanna find out what.

MOH 9-1

– This girl need to get herself a bf and leave em alone, she’s a vagina blocker,jajaja No but seriously she needs to know how to read the environment, and that they are having a moment right there,lol

– omg they’re gonna kill thick lips aren’t they?! omgs!!

– I thought red demon would be smarter and is able to tell when someone is lying, but that guy is playing him like a fiddle.

– At least he(RD) seems to be catching on that his right hand is iffy.

Damn so much to take in! ugh I feel like seeing ep 10 now,lol At least thick lips didn’t die, but choe won was caught but Rang is safe. So much stuff!,lol Anyways we’ll see what ep 10 has in store for us later.


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