Dating Agency:Cyrano ep 1 Thoughts

It seems today is the day to try new dramas apart from starting the Japanese one today I’m starting this one Dating Agency:Cyrano but I just realized there’s only 4 episodes out…let’s see how it goes,lol

p.s i started it Saturday night but I didn’t realize it was close to when A hundred year inheritance was gonna start so I had to pause it. I tried again yesterday but something always came up just when I was trying to see it, but I have spare time right now so ima finish it.

CA 1-1

– Ji Jin Hee?! omg count me in!,lol

CA 1-2– Yes oppa! i’ll give you a chance!…ok i may be getting a tiny bit carried away but that’s because I have a tiny little crush on him,lol

– what’s with the freaking commercial and omg poor oppa they left him for the waiter =(

– ah! shi min ah!! sorry it’s the freaking commercials,lol

– omg he’s sooo cute with the glasses!

– I’m starting to think my thoughts on this episode are all gonna be about ji jin hee so I apologize in advance for it!,lol just in case it becomes true.

– Isn’t the chick ji jin hee likes the female lead from flower boy ramyun shop? but this one looks way too thin like if she was sick or something…hmmm ><

CA 1-3

– why does she look more heart broken than him?,lol

– How the heck is he in F class my gosh I would put him in A+,lol

CA 1-4

– Because the safest thing a woman could do alone in the middle of night is open an unmarked van door with weird lights inside. Who cares that a possible pervert/murderer could be inside waiting to catch a lonesome woman,lol

– I think I love this drama a little bit,lol

CA 1-5

– It’s like if they were playing spy or something, I love it! Wish I had a job like that,lol I’m unemployed so if anyone knows of a job like that please do tell XD

– Did he…just rip the pg off that book? wth!!! ><

– Sooyung is doing a pretty good job at acting for an idol, doesn’t want to make stop watching the drama like a certain female lead in a certain dream high drama,lol

– >< ugh part 3 doesn’t want to load? k hago?

– yes! after 3 and a half days I’ll be able to finish the first episode!,lol

– omg that was epic!! even I’m starting to like him, he looks good in that coat,lol

CA 1-6

CA 1-7

– Is it ok to start shipping them right from the start?,lol

OMGeeee!! I can’t wait for ep 2! but I haven’t watched Mandate of Heaven and it’s already in ep 14! and I’m in 8! so i gotta catch up somewhat and I haven’t been watching In Time With You either! damn you re-run of King 2 Hearts you’re distracting me too much! you too shining inheritance!


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