Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo ep 1-2 Thoughts

So I’ve watched the Taiwanese version of this It Started With a Kiss and I have watched the Korean version of it too Playful Kiss. I’ve also tried to watch the original(1st version) of the Japanese drama but couldn’t find good quality videos plus the female lead felt kinda annoying so I stopped. So I just found out they did a remake of its Japanese one so guess what? yes I’ve decided to start watching it, I have no idea who the actors are but let’s see how this goes. Still I wanna make it clear the Taiwanese one will always be my favorite one,lol


 – The main male lead is not that cute but I think I can be about 80% sure I’ll be in love with him by the end of this drama,lol

IK 1-1

– Cheer up at least you didn’t give it to the school’s bad boy like in Devil Beside You,lol

– What’s with the red heels? they look horrible ><

– Never confess to a guy first you’ll only end up hurt especially if he’s a friend, it’s just not worth it.

– The female lead looks a lot like the lead from Asuko March.

– The first male lead is still better looking than the second one,lol or maybe it’s just his hair and makeup?

IK 1-2

– Because your house getting hit by a meteor is more believe than your house being the epicenter of a 2.something eathquake and destroying your home,lol

This drama is really not for me but I can’t help to want to see the next episode I guess this is gonna be like my guilty pleasure or something.

IK 2-1

– It’s funny how she can go from happy to complete despair when trying to study,lol It seems really natural too like if she were actually trying to understand what she’s trying to learn.

– I’ve never studied that way my whole life and I usually averaged B’s and C’s I wonder what would have happened if I had actually studied deep into the hrs of the night. Maybe I would have become a genius like that one king who was afraid of getting assassinated so instead studied every night in order to not fall asleep, it was either Yi San or his dad I can’t remember,lol

– I can’t help but laugh along with her it’s kinda like when you remember something funny in the middle of class or somewhere quiet and you start to giggle a bit and the people around you are thinking what the heck?,lol 

– Why does a classroom have two doors next to each other????

IK 2-2

– 2 things about this photo 1) I’m slowly starting to like him already especially him writing with that weird pen,lol 2) I found him familiar to someone and now I know who, he looks a lot like Nic from In Time With You.

ITWY 1-4– Or is it just me??

– Cut the girl some slack even I couldn’t answer that,lol then again the highest math I’ve taken is algebra 2(yes that’s my excuse even if that math problem may or may not be algebra,lol)

– One thing I like about the kotoko’s(?) character is that she’s not as stalker-like as her Korean and Taiwanese counter parts, feels more like just a girl with just a crush on a guy than an obsession.

– Well with friends like hers who needs enemies?,lol


Well ima admit it I’m liking this drama enough to keep watching it, for sure it won’t be one of my top favorite Japanese dramas but I like it so far.


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