Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love vs Dong Yi pt 1

Jang ok jung, Living by Love has really brought up my creative juices especially in the way the characters are portrayed in this drama. In fact I think it’s my favorite aspect of it so lets compare and contrast,lol I’m making this into two parts pt 1 is until ep 8(which i just found out i am in,lol) and i’ll do it again for the same characters at the end of the drama.

p.s it’s not gonna be much in depth I suck at analyzing characters,lol and it’s from my first impressions of Jang ok jung.


King Sukjong: Ji Jin Hee vs Yoo Ah In


Ji Jin Hee as King Sukjong was awesome he could go from funny,cowardly and totally cute to a king who you didn’t mess but was caring of the people around him. From Dong Yi he was my favorite character and so far he’s the only king I’ve liked from all the sageuks I have watched. Yoo Ah In seems like a troubled kid, with no one to trust not even his own mom. He mistreated queen in-kyung the one person who in my opinion he could have trusted and it wasn’t till her deathbed that he realized he should have been better to her. I love his romantic side and can’t wait to see how his character will develop throughout the drama .


Jang Hee-Bin: Lee So Yeon vs Kim Tae Hee


Lee So Yeon was one of my favorite villains apart from the fact that I loved most of her hanboks, but she was a villain that you just loved to hate just like Mishil. In dong yi she was depicted as a cunning and power hungry woman with her ambition of becoming the queen at all cost. She was beautiful, she was smart and she was a woman you definitely didn’t want to mess with. Kim Tae Hee portrays the character so far as a woman protecting her mother with a mission to gain the king’s trust in order to do it. What I have gotten so far from her character is that she’s kind of weak and not as cunning as lee so yeon’s portrayal of the character. She seems kind of submissive  as well and easily bullied by the other maids, kinda has a feel like the usual female lead character who needs saving. So i’m really wanting to see how her character is gonna grow once she becomes a concubine.


Queen In-hyun: Park Ha Sun vs Hong Soo Hyun



In Dong Yi Queen In Hyun was a very sweet and delicate woman she wasn’t as smart and cunning as Jang Hee-bin. In fact her presence was very weak and played not much of a role despite the fact that in actual history she was one of the major key roles in the power struggle of that time. But then again this drama was about dong yi a.k.a Choi Suk-bin and her rise to queenhood(is this even a word?) and power. So far in Jang Ok Jung Queen In Hyun kinda comes across as a biatch(excuse my language,lol) and a bit cunning. She’s not even queen yet but she’s basically already laying out the red carpet, she’s letting know to her future enemies that she’s soon gonna be the new top dog in town. Everything she is doing so far is calculated in order to appear graceful to the queen mother but we all know what she’s after,lol


Well those are my thoughts on the characters so far until now the future choi suk-bin hasnt appeared so far well idk even how she’s gonna look like so you’ll know my thoughts once this drama is finished. In other words expect my final thoughts on the characters in a month and a half because i’m watching it on tv. The reason why I am not doing thoughts on the drama like with In Time With You and Mandate of Heaven.


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