No luck in the love department


Oh my gosh that is one seriously crappy title! but I can’t think of a better title so it will have to do while my new thinking/creativity cap is getting installed,lol As I was watching mv’s for Mandate of Heaven I got to a video which contained spoiler for ep 8 so I was forced to stop when a video of ji hyo and song il gook caught my eye. So I clicked on it and it was clips of their drama Crime Squad and apart from making me want to watch it again it made me upset again on how in this drama they didn’t have a proper love line either.  They’ve worked twice already once in Jumong and though the main love line was supposed to be with the main female lead in the end ji hyo became his wife and queen. But because of circumstances he was never properly her husband not even till the last 4 episodes where she barely appeared because of her health(in the drama). Then they worked again in Crime Squad and though the writers tortured us with some cute scenes if you stop and think about it, it wasn’t a love line in the making. It was more of her becoming the replacement of the daughter he lost and him becoming the father figure she never had growing up. So in a way, if it was a love line of sorts it was a little twisted. But their chemistry is really good so it was really disappointing for me that they never got to have a proper love line, now that I think of it ji hyo has never had a proper one. goong In goong she had her boyfriend stolen from her because basically that’s what happened, one of the reasons why I wasn’t really a fan of Goong. While others hated Hyorin’s character I didn’t, I felt sorry for her since the guy she loved was forced to marry someone else. In jumong he was never really in love with her, he married her because she didn’t have any family left alive so he did what he thought was honorable and married her. In crime squad there was no obvious romance and in Gye Baek she only had some romance, if you could call it romance, at least for the first half of the drama until she was forced to marry Ui Ja and became evil. Now in Mandate of heaven until ep 8 there haven’t been much signs of actual romance happening and you would think she would finally have a proper love line by now but no. So I will wait for the day jihyo and song Il gook get to act again together and I will hope and pray and they actually get to have a good love line with a proper kiss or at least a back hug or something,lol Especially since they have acted as main leads with each other twice already but since the kdrama gods are unfair they haven’t gotten the love line they deserve or more like the one I need to see,jaja


p.s frozen flower doesn’t count as a love line,lol


One response to “No luck in the love department

  1. Im a big fun of song il gook and song jhi yo.From jumong to crime squad.Me and my friends are still hoping that one they they will be given good project together with good love story. I love them both this is the only reason why i follow and watch korean drama because of them.thanks

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