Mandate of Heaven ep 7 Thoughts

I can’t wait to watch ep 7 so let’s do this but I promise to write more thoughts this time,lol


– I knew that guy wanted the girl’s dad dead he obviously wants to be the next boss, you can tell like a mile away.

– All of them are ninja or something? they’re popping out of nowhere,lol

– that guy with the thick lips is kinda cute and rough

*going away to gmao(giggle my ass off),lol*

– Everything seems to be going good now that the hunchback wants to cooperate but I have a bad feeling about this something is gonna go really wrong.

– Ugh is it bad that shipping ji hyo’s character with almost every single male character? now i want her to be with the crown prince,lol

– yay! i think i see round two coming up!! ><

– No freaking chemistry between any of the cast! what’s up with that? It’s like they’re all just there to act and do their job. The plot of this drama is interesting, and i do like the drama but sometimes the acting is a bit…idk but this cast needs to become close asap…or is it just me?

– omg the crown prince in uniform!

thats so raven

– aww why didn’t he keep on the uniform? he looked really sexy,lol

– She likes the horse thief a.k.a the doctor without knowing what she’s doing to the other guy. Sorry sexy lips but welcome to the friend zone,lol

MOH 7-1

– I think I spoke an episode too soon about the romance,lol either way what a way to disrupt a romantic moment,lol

– I was gonna say this was my first time seeing a power struggle between the queen and crown prince but then I remember gye baek so it’s not my first,lol

– omg that girl is nothing but trouble she’s gonna make things worst.

MOH 7-2– Ugh these two are just so cute, she’s mimicking what the doctor is doing,lol

MOH 7-3

– I think this rung a bell on him and I know it just wasn’t my delusional shipping heart in a desperate search for romance. He cares in a way about her niece and treats her bad or basically just pushes her to the side. Though it may seem mean and evil compared to other it means nothing, others actually torture and kill women for information but he doesn’t. So in my opinion that says something, that he’s not just the rough and mean officer he appears to be.

– damn i forgot to keep updating,lol sorry!

 anyways I’m really fighting the urge to see ep 8 don’t really wanna catch up but damn! it’s so freaking hard. The nurse shouldn’t be so obvious when looking for him she already know that the red devil suspects she know where she is why can’t she be as wise as she was as Eun Go in Gye Baek,lol either way ep 8 looks like it’s gonna be good so can’t wait!



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